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Google Nexus One Phone: rumors, and recap of news

We have known for some time that Google were planning their very own handset, the Google Nexus One, but we only learned its name and some of the specifications a couple of weeks ago. In those two short weeks much has been covered, such as its possible released date, specs and a bunch of photos and videos.

We thought this would be an ideal time to look at what we know so far, such as all those rumors and the latest details. Not much was known about carrier information, but we mentioned in an article yesterday that the Nexus One would only support T -Mobile USA 3G, this means that if the handset makes its way to AT&T, then it would only support Edge.

The Google Phone might not be alone on its release day; we recently learned that the search engine giant could launch their own netbook on the same day. There are no more details on this at the moment. Most rumors suggest that we are looking at a January release for the Nexus One; with January 5 being a possible date.

In what is thought to be the worst kept secret, we managed to learn a few of the specs on this first Google-branded handset. The most important feature is its 1Ghz Snapdragon processor; this CPU is twice as fast as any Google Android handset on the market. Read more spec details here.

If you are bored with the same old pictures of the Google Nexus One phone, then there is a bunch of new ones available. These have appeared on Twitter, which was where we first learned on the handset.

Let us know what you think of these latest images.



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