Cadillac Concept CTS-V Coupe to get Detroit 2010 Unveiling

As we approach the 2010 Detroit Auto Show more carmakers offer us details on what they will have on show, which we have discussed in a number of posts. The latest company to offer us a preview of a new vehicle in Detroit is Cadillac, with their Concept CTS-V Coupe. The car is veiled in secrecy, with not many details or no images available, expect one teaser image.

Details are thin on the ground, but Cadillac has assured Autoblog that the Concept CTS-V Coupe will be unlike anything we have seen before. The car blog has been looking closely at the teaser image and it looks as though the concept will come with four-doors and will be a perfect marriage between “Art & Science philosophy.”

There are two routes that Cadillac could take with the new vehicle, high-performance or kinder to the environment, they could even find a middle ground and offer something in-between. However, Autoblog suggest that this could be something new from the automakers luxury range.

This concept is not the only vehicle that Cadillac will unveil at Detroit 2010; there is also the production model 2011 CTS-V Coupe. The design is drop-dead sexy and offers 556 horsepower, so is not lacking in the engine department.

Other features in this production model include 19-inch alloy wheels, sports suspension and much more. The two-door 2011 CTS-V Coupe is said to enter production in the summer of 2010. For more details, visit Autoblog.



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