Xbox 360’s Project Natal: Will suffer from Lag, PS3 Wand is more impressive

By Alan Ng - Dec 21, 2009

As 2010 looks to be a huge year for both Microsoft and Sony with their respective motion controllers, Project Natal and the ‘PS3 Wand’ due out, we have an interesting report to bring you, in which one source claims that Project Natal will suffer from lag issues.

As reported from Eurogamer, Jon Burton – Director at Traveller’s Tales made the comments in a recent interview with Develop.

While he states that Project Natal is ‘exceedingly clever’ he thinks that ‘the lag on the input and lack of physical buttons is really going to restrict the kind of games that can be done with it’ – his words, not ours.

If you didn’t know, Traveller’s Tales are the guys behind the LEGO series, while they also worked on Sonic 3D and the Crash Bandicoot franchise.

In another comment which is sure to fuel debate amongst gamers, he also thinks that Sony’s motion controller is ‘more impressive’ than Project Natal.

Do you agree with his comments? Read the full report over at Eurogamer and let us know your opinions on it.

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  • Matt

    Depends if you count Metroid Prime 3: Currpotion, as a hardcore game. That was fast paced shooter, and it could be played with no problem on the Wii and P.Natal is supposed to be more sophisticated right? 🙂

  • David

    If you want a wand, what would stop a developer from using a wand with natal. they could program it to look for markers on the wand and just like that you have the same thing as the ps3 wand on natal. But on the ps3 you can't take away the wand.

  • aslkdfjalskdfj

    From what I’ve seen, the ps3 motion controller applies much more to shooters and hardcore gamers which are the people that buy a ps3. Sony seem to be bringing something potentially useful to ps3 owners that applies directly to the games they like already. The Natal thing where a ball was getting kicked around and someone throwing paint at a screen doesn’t seem very impressive to a fan of shooters and hardcore gamers which is most who buy a ps3 or 360. The ps3 motion demo at E3 impressed me much much more than Natal. It showed a lot of variety for games that exist now. I do think the concept of Natal is cool and I’d like it to work and be a success. If it is a success it will only open doors to other possibilities which will benefit gamers in general in the future. Natal is suppose to bring in casual gamers which ironically is what people knocked the ps3 motion controller for. Saying it just copied the Wii for casual gamers. I think it’s just interesting to see how all this will play out. Natal could be a huge hit and the ps3 motion controller could be a flop or vise versa. Stuff like this makes it interesting.

  • superdude

    in my opinion that’s why they are waiting with natal. they are making sure that there is no problem. they still have time to fix it if it has lag.

  • Waldo

    People need to stop trying to cram Forza or Halo or Gears into Natal. That’s not what it’s for. Microsoft need to come up with some pretty good software to back Natal. Yeah, it’s clever it redefines gaming controllers, but they’re also gonna have to redifine game genres to get the best ouf of it.

    That said however, if there is any sort of lag, then that might cause big problems. Thats one of the things that makes the Wii a bit poo. If it’s not 1-1 motion, then it’s not proper motion control.

    I smell lots of shovelware heading to the 360.

    For me, the PS3 controller looks much more sensitive and accurate. My opinion is that the PS3 wand or whatever is gonna be the winner here.

    • 360pro

      Lag is an issue that can easily be rubbed out. The ps3 wand will not be a competitor, not because it will be no good but because it seems to me that they are aiming in 2 different directions. Microsoft seems to be aiming for Natal to do more than just play games. They want it to change the way we use the console entirely. I see the ps3 wand giving us the same experience as the wii with better grapics. In all honesty the console war is at an end. I think most gamers are like me nowadays and really like consoles for their exclusive titles. I have all three, and i will purchase both Natal and the ps3 wand. I do kind of wonder however why sony is jumping in this direction so quickly. i am in total agreement with waldo saying that specific games will have to be made fo these types of devices, I think that sony really needs to focus on getting their current library to grow. Outside of Killzone, Resistance,Uncharted and God of War there arent too many ps3 exclusives. With longtime ps3 exclusive titles like Tekken, Metal Gear, and Final Fantasy going cross platform one really has to wonder what’s next. And exclusive xbox content downloads for games like GTA4 and Fallout have made these cross platform titles more attractive on the 360. But what it all boils down to is we’re roughly a year out from when these devices may be released and thats a long time in the tech world, so we will just have to see how it all pans out.

  • ade

    it looks like another early announced death for a microsofts project, future users only can certainly wait the new wave of cleaver acronyms to call the errors that will render his consoles unusable, again.

  • jay

    Even Morgan Web from G4 said she experienced noticeable lag while playing with natal on that dodgeball game, and while using it as a wheel for Burnout Paradise. Not only that but she interviewed a dev for Natal and he basically said himself we cant use this for normal disk hardcore games, so no halo or gears for you.

    If Sony is not an idiot and puts analog sticks on the wands than I think they can be a great add on. They say you can use them for any game when they release the appropriate FW to make them compatible. They seem much more 1/1 than the Wii and who wouldn’t want an “HD Wii” to play Killzone or Littlebigplanet with 😀


    Well I have the wii and is fun, I have the ps3 and I think it will be fun b’cause is good to fell something like playing little big planet and still feel buttons, I have the Xbox 360 and I don’t like the idea of driving on Forze withoput a wheel. I think it good to have motion control but I still want to feel a control on my hand