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Ricoh GR Digital III Camera: Special Edition: Coming Soon

To mark Ricoh’s 30th anniversary they will be releasing a special edition version of their GR Digital III camera, there will be 500 units of this particular model manufactured.

Ricoh have worked with the fashion brand “Stussy” to come up with the design, specifications will be kept the same as the standard versions.

Specifications worth mentioning include its 10 megapixel sensor, its “28mm/F 1.9 “FAST” GR LENS” and its 3 inch LCD, the camera has the capability to record video at a resolution of 640×480.

These cameras are scheduled to launch in February 2010, in Japan the camera will cost 99,750 Yen, this roughly equates to €745 or $1,100. For further details check out AkihabaraNews.



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