Apple iPhone 2010 release: Announcement coming June-July at WWDC 2010?

By Alan Ng - Dec 21, 2009

Some exciting news to report to you now, as it has been revealed that the next version of the Apple iPhone could be announced during WWDC 2010, after calendar dates for the event were scheduled by Apple.

As reported from Apple Insider, the scheduled dates for WWDC 2010 (June 28-July 2) coincides with the 3-year anniversary of the original iPhone’s launch, leading to speculation that this will be the moment when the next iPhone will be unveiled.

It’s also important to point out that the event, being held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, has been labelled as a ‘corporate event’ – which Apple also used in previous listings.

Could this be the time for a CMDA Verizon iPhone? Only time will tell. Full story over at Apple Insider, let us know your thoughts on the news.

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  • justin

    does it slide

  • nathan

    You got it all mixed up there guy. you bash verizon but yet you have no facts. ATT dropped call rate in New York city. 30%. 4% of Att users = iphone’s = 40% of their network. Plus a new iphone and the ipad Att’s gonna bomb. go back and read consumer reports from a few months ago every single category ATT dead last even sprint and tmobile beat them, plus they ranked dead last in 26 major cities. Verizon does not need the iphone to survive. But yet its kinda funny that Att is now advertising Android devices coming soon. android = open source, iphone apps?? search for just flashlight bet you come up with atleast 200 different flashlights, by the time you weed out the repeated apps and the apps that are no longer maintained and you have very few left. Personally I will stick to my overclocked MOTO DROID that I can just shake in order to completely change the every aspect of the look, versus the iphone 3gs that you had to originally “jailbreak” just to get MMS support and video which took them two previous models to come out with just to get. Man am I so glad I got rid of that piece of crap fanboy phone.

  • zack

    i am tired of everytime an apple product comes verizon is some how the spotlight of the topic
    GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD an apple product will not be on verizon!!!!!!
    stop waiting for it and stop passing up that phone you WERE going to get and decided not to beacuse u heard the iphone for verizon…
    these are just rumors and will always be rumors verizon had there chance of having it and they blew it, THANK YOU verizon for disappointing your customers.. and thank you apple for disappointing us with your ipad which is nothing close to a real computer and not as portable as a smartphone.. so whats the point.. total waste of stuff they just did
    IM fed up with verizon… weve waiting long enough for an iphone and verizon doesnt care… they wanna make copy cat iphones and think they are the best which it is not..
    and the palm pre plus??? umm ok… that was stupid… out of no where verizon gets the pre and pixi.. who cares? no one wants that they want an iphone

    BYE BYE VERIZON leaving you and going BACK to at&t.

    • JJ

      Uh Zack, if you would actually call Verizon and ask them what the deal is with IPHONE you would know that they are getting a MODIFIED IPHONE. So you are not completely right, did you even do your research before you start foaming at the mouth over your weird love of the IPHONE and ATT?

  • Patty

    Verizon’s CEO publically stated that Verizon *IS readying their network for the iPhone.