Sony PS3: 2010 is a big year for PS3 Wand – John Koller

By Alan Ng - Dec 18, 2009

Sony exec John Koller has been speaking in a recent interview about next year’s expectations for the Playstation 3 console. He has high hopes for the company and believes that the main emphasis will be placed on the upcoming PS3 ‘Wand’ motion-sensing controller.

As reported from Eurogamer, Mr Koller also stated that once the company reveal more details about the PS3 Wand, PS3 owners will get a ‘better idea of where we’re going’.

He says we can expect to see games across a ‘wide variety of genres’ singling out family games, shooters and sports games as key areas.

Once the motion controller is released, he also found the time to state that ”Project Natal and the Wii are going to have trouble matching, from a differentiation standpoint” – we’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that one.

What do you make of his comments? As a PS3 owner, are you excited for the new year?

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  • Random Industrial Designer

    Wii does not have accuracy of 6 axis control; Natal will be cool with a controller and body recognition, but not accurate enough. The wand looks gay but could be implemented to make some awesome games, minus the problem// we have not seen a joystick on it. Although I seen some awesome renders by an independet graphical designer on a break apart control that would make this thing truly awesome (looks and use). Good luck to tem all, finally we will get less ported games for each system that end up sucking, and some decent ground up games made for their respective systems// and independent control systems (MS and Sony, The Wii is too graphically and controllably weak).


    …ummm Not a big fannnn of motion controllers , you see in my opinion they just make games more easy to play ( for little kids ) reason why i dont OWN A WII !!!!! i seriously dont see myself bying a motion controller at all!!
    -i just hope they don`t messup FFXIII with this motion crap or any or good game out there !!
    -bottomline cross my finguers sony dont messup the ps3 console PLEASE!! remember ps3 is being played by adults as well ( nice to know)
    if people want to play around with motion c let them stay with WII periot!!!! and out