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Google / HTC Nexus One: T-Mobile USA Release Looking Likely

So far we have posted a few articles regarding the upcoming Google Nexus One handset, however we have not heard a great deal regarding carrier information, a recent article posted on SlashGear finally has some information for us.

According to SlashGear’s recent article it seems as if the Nexus One will only support T-Mobile USA 3G, therefore if it launches on AT&T it will be limited to EDGE connectivity.

Although this doesn’t 100 percent confirm that T-mobile USA will be one of the first carriers to offer the handset, it is looking extremely likely.

During tnkgrl’s hands-on with the handset we managed to find out a little bit more about the handset, it is said to be faster than than the Motorola Droid, however at the moment multi-finger gesture support isn’t great, for more details check out SlashGear.



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