BlackBerry (RIM) Outage Update: Fixed, but email remains the problem

By Alan Ng - Dec 18, 2009

We have an update to give you now, on the fresh BlackBerry Outage which has been affecting users across not only America, but Canada too over the last few days.

As reported from PC World, RIM has stated that the outage has now been solved, with data services said to be back to normal. However, they also stated that the email service is slowly resuming to full service, as all the servers will still be queued up – which most of you have already been telling us about in our comments section.

It’s also worth pointing out, that some users have reported a temporary fix by removing the battery from their phones and restarting, but this doesnt appear to work for everyone.

We’ll update you on the situation as we get more. Let us know if your email service has resumed or not.

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  • Dano

    Still no incoming emails…

  • TonyD

    In Vaughan, Ontario (Toronto) – emails not working since 5pm Dec 22nd.

  • Cheryl

    About to run over my curve with my car. lol! second one in two weeks. only text and calls. had to change email address just to get second one to work. It was a nightmare for all business contacts. and here we go again. I am so done! Alltel/Verizon here. and that sucks too!

  • eric z

    In Connecticut as of December 21 at 10am I have not received emails since December 17th.
    I have tmobile.

  • rasczack

    I didn’t have a problem in SLC. It didn’t stop my email or internet. Suck for everyone else who did have it go out.

  • ken abare

    Nothing here yet in Grand Rapids, MI. I pulled the battery but no luck. Looks like the Droid is going on my christmas list.

  • B Hoffman

    Hartford, CT

    BIS Still out as of 21:25 on 12/17/2009 with Verizon

  • as of 4:45pm (San-Francisco area) I’m still not receiving emails 🙁 They’d better be done by tomorrow morning!

    • tsav

      10 pm in New York and I still cannot get my e-mail. It must really be a mess.

      • eric

        As of now i still have no incoming emails:re-registered hosting table:took out batteries:no luck: wife on same phone purchased together is getting all emails currently: >:(