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Xbox 360 Price Cut For Christmas, by a Third

Christmas is always a big time for game consoles and retailers can see sales increase by a huge amount over the busy holiday season. However, consumers have less money this year so retailers need to offer incentives to get them in store. Two UK retailers are offering a price cut by a third on the Xbox 360.

The price cut announced by HMV and Game in the UK will see the price of the Xbox 360 drop to £109.97, that’s a saving of £50. We did not see this discount coming but we do not care about that, just head on down to one of these stores now as these consoles could sell out quick at this price.

According to, there is no indication on how long this price reduction will last, but many believe the offer will end just after Christmas. However, the offer could be permanent to try stopping the strong sales of the Sony PS3.

Console sales have been lower than expected throughout the year, so Christmas is a seen as a sign of helping to improve sales. We are certain that these will not be the only two retailers to offer huge discounts on consoles; we wait to see what the Nintendo Wii and the Sony PS3 will be reduced to.

Let us know if you have seen any of these consoles at discounts prices in your local retail outlets.



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