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Unboxing: Final Fantasy XIII Limited Edition PS3

The Sony PS3 without a doubt is an awesome games console and has a number of great titles available. One of those titles has to be Final Fantasy XIII, so comes as no surprise that Sony and Square Enix have come together to launch a limited edition PlayStation 3.

Engadget informs us that Joystiq managed to get their hands on one and thought that they would tease us with some images of the unboxing. Is it me or are they just enjoying showing off the new console to us, although we would do the same thing.

The old Final Fantasy VII limited edition PS3 was a little understated, it is nice to see Sony and Square Enix toook the Final Fantasy XIII PlayStation 3 a little further by making it more stylish.

The console has been finished in matte white, with a glossy pink character presented to you on top. The PS3 controller is also in matte white so matches the PS3 perfectly. It seems a shame that this 250GB limited edition PlayStation 3 will never be released outside of Asia, maybe we should start up a petition. (View a trailer of the game here.)

Would you like to see the Final Fantasy XIII Limited Edition Sony PS3 released in the U.S., UK, Europe or any other country?



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