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Sprint Error 2112: Contact Customer Care

There seems to be a problem with sending an SMS on the Sprint Nextel carrier, users will notice an Error 2112 code appear when trying to send a text message. Those who experience the fault are asked to contact Sprint’s customer care line.

The strange thing is, customers can still receive text messages, just not send them. It is not certain what the problem is, but SoftSailor suspects that it could be a network setup error. Sprint has yet to comment in the issue, so we are not certain if the whole network is down.

Sprint Error 2112, may have already been fixed and was just a minor glitch in the system. If you are a Sprint customer, then please comment below and tell us if you have experienced this error and how long it lasted.

It will be interesting to learn what Sprint customer care say about this problem and how long, whatever they say, it will not come as any comfort to customers hoping to send text messages to friends and family.



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