Sprint Error 2112: Contact Customer Care

By Peter Chubb - Dec 17, 2009

There seems to be a problem with sending an SMS on the Sprint Nextel carrier, users will notice an Error 2112 code appear when trying to send a text message. Those who experience the fault are asked to contact Sprint’s customer care line.

The strange thing is, customers can still receive text messages, just not send them. It is not certain what the problem is, but SoftSailor suspects that it could be a network setup error. Sprint has yet to comment in the issue, so we are not certain if the whole network is down.

Sprint Error 2112, may have already been fixed and was just a minor glitch in the system. If you are a Sprint customer, then please comment below and tell us if you have experienced this error and how long it lasted.

It will be interesting to learn what Sprint customer care say about this problem and how long, whatever they say, it will not come as any comfort to customers hoping to send text messages to friends and family.

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  • stupidblackberry

    I’ve been getting the same error yesterday and today. Some texts go through, and others don’t. I hate my blackberry too, but unfortunately have only had it since May so am stuck with Sprint and this stupid good-for-little paperweight until May 2012.

  • Cathleen

    Just experienced this issue this morning. cannot get an answer from sprint at all. very frustrating.

  • Jessica

    Just tried to send a text to a friend, didnt work. Got error code 2112. This is pretty stupid, I have NEVER EVER had this problem with T-Mobile. Sprints internet sucks, there are times where i do not have access to the internet in places where i always get internet. I am not very pleased with Sprint. There are times where I try and make a call and it does not go through. What the heck is going on here? I thought that Sprint was supposed to be way better than T-Mobile expecially since we live right by the head quarters… Maybe instead of working on upgrading their so called technology, they should be more cautious about there coverage…

  • Brett

    Had it happen at the beginning of today, but only on random texts. Restarting my phone didn't work and neither did updating my network settings. I guess I'll just wait it out

  • grrblackberry

    I have had no problems with my sprint coverage until recently when my palm trio started seizing and turning itself on and off. . . so I got a new phone, one that the employees "highly recommended" I would "love this phone and it never has problems like the palm." hahahahaha. . . sales incentives suck! I have NEVER had such trouble sending and receiving text messages, transferring numbers from one phone to another, and communicating in general. I was told I couldn't transfer my numbers due to a "communication error between the blackberry and the palm… so I had THREE different sprint stores tell me sorry nothing we can do before the fourth store finally printed out 14 pages of contacts and said "this is the best we can do!" that should have been my LAST day as a customer…. but no, IM STILL WITH THEM and for the past 2 months I have been told by my clients and bosses and friends that my texts haven't been going through! I HAVENT GOTTEN ONE NOTICE IN 2 MONTHS ABOUT THIS UNTIL TONIGHT! Now I get error code 2112,….. apparently 2112 is not good!
    When I called sprint in the past I was told they have no notice and to ''turn my phone off for 10 minutes and try turning it back on" . . . really??? I cant help but hope that it is merely this shitty BLACKBERRY and not sprint service since I have been a customer for years and have had only minor complications until now… GRRRRRR!!!!!! HELP?!?!?!

  • Heather

    Just started having this problem today … 30 July 2010

  • Aubree

    I’ve been having this problem since yesterday. I’ll try taking out my battery, we’ll see.

  • john

    It could be due to the nation wide blackberry outage which was not a Sprint, but a RIMM issue.

  • Michele

    Well I received this error last night around 9:30 PM here in San Diego. Have not received any text messages or my e-mails since then. I tried to contact sprint through chat and they let me know it was a network problem and also blackberry is doing an update right now. It should work later today. Blackberry messenger and internet are working fine.

  • bob

    i had the problem after about 5 min trying to send a taxt i took the batt out of the phone and it seemed to fix it

  • Jakar

    Works in San Diego. Perhaps the author rather than call customer care felt the need to complain about out in an article without having all the facts as is stated in the article. Or perhaps this was an attempt to drive up text messaging on the sprint network, as I did send a message to test..

  • Tim McGee

    I just sent a test to myself. I’m not having any problems. I have a Palm Pre. I haven’t seen anything mentioned regarding my phone on this site in months. It sure would be nice to see the program Pocket Express and the Sirius app on my Pre!

  • raj

    my text is fine and as fine when I cked at 8:30 this morning.

  • Rick

    I am a Sprint user and I’ve had no issues, in fact I’m inputting all this via my Palm Pre. Everything fine here.

    Austin, Texas

  • Nick sommer

    Yeah i experienced this but however i could not send or recieve texts yesterday howevervi dont know what happened but everything in my house wouldnt work… Anyway it lasted since about now from yeSterday evening about 6pm