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PSP Digital Comics Service Now Live

The Digital Comics Service is now live on the Sony PSP as of yesterday in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. The service was meant to go live in Ireland at the same time, but there was a technical issue that prevented this. However, the service should be up and running soon.

How cool is it that you can now chose from a huge collection of new and classic comics and then store them on your PlayStation Portable to take them wherever you go. You can be on the train, on a beach or just lazing around at home while reading your new collection.

There are a huge list of comics to choose from, such as Donald Duck, Fantastic Four, Mickey Mouse, Transformers, Spider-man, Star Trek, X-Men and many more. If these are not to your liking, then there is a huge selection of underground comics from local publishers.

Viewing these comics on your PSP is a dream thanks to AutoFlow. By pressing just one button, the comic will move frame-to-frame. You can even zoom in and out, making it easier to read. The new feature even allows you to listen to your music stored on your PSP while reading your favorite comic.

For more information on this new Digital Comics service for your PSP, head over to While there you can then check out their full catalogue of comics.



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