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OPPO Android Smartphone: Multitouch Handset Coming Q1 2010

OPPO have previously been pretty well known for their portable media players, however it seems that they are trying impact the handset market by releasing an Android smartphone in 2010.

Details are still quite scarce, we do not know what the handset will be called, however if things go as planned it should be released sometime in Q1 2010.

From what we can see the handset will feature a 3.5inch capacitive touchscreen display, this display will support multitouch gestures and will output at a resolution of 800×480.

Other specifications worth mentioning include the handsets full QWERTY keyboard and its integrated WiFi, other specification are not yet known.

The image posted on SlipperyBrick really does make this upcoming handset look very attractive, however this looks like a concept so things may change.

As we find out more we will keep you informed, for more information check out SlipperyBrick.



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