Zune Twitter App: Download Today Say Tweets

By Peter Chubb - Dec 16, 2009

Microsoft announced a while ago that they were to offer a Twitter app for their Zune HD device. We knew that it would be towards the end of the year, but thought that the applications would be delayed for some reason. However, according to a number of Tweets the Twitter App will be available to download today, December 16.

According to Cnet News, the Twitter app will come with a host of 3D games and will be free to download. You will notice that each time the app is launched you will be met with a banner ad. Users of the Zune HD will be able to use the built-in web browser to gain access to their Twitter account.

There is a downside though; you will not be able to cache your communications while you are offline. Facebook were also meant to offer an app for the Zune HD, but this has yet to be released. Users will have to update their Facebook the old way.

However, Cnet still holds out hope that the Facebook app for Zune HD will be launched before the end of the year, as there are still just over two weeks left. Apple iPhone users will be laughing about all this, as they have no worries when it comes to the launch of apps.

Once the Twitter App for Zune is available for download, let us know your first impressions.

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  • Not telling

    This article is bogus. Only the games have ads, the apps like weather and piano and twitter and Facebook do not have ads