MINI Beachcomber Concept Details Ahead of Detroit 2010

There seems to be no end to what BMW does with the MINI, some are what we all expected, while others just seem out of character. One model that we are talking about is the MINI Beachcomber Concept, and will be on show for all to see at the American International Auto Show in Detroit, in January.

The Beachcomber is a four-seater concept that has been designed to offer an awesome driving experience. If you are someone who lives life being spontaneous and active, then the MINI Beachcomber and its interior has been designed just for you. The technologies used in the drivetrain will offer drivers an emotional driving experience, looking at the images, we can see why.

The design of the car is nothing like we have seen before, there are no doors but there is a roof, but with a large hole in it. The driver and passengers will be able to enjoy the outside world more while still enjoying the thrills of driving. Just make certain that the weather is nice before you decide to go out cruising.

The MINI Beachcomber Concept comes with a four-wheel drive system and the latest in suspension technology, ideal for use on the beach. Spring travel is more than your standard car and those extra large wheels give you more ground clearance.

Autoblog has a press release of the MINI Beachcomber Concept, we have read through it and nowhere does it state engine and performance details. We will just have to wait until the vehicle is on show in Detroit.



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