Microsoft Settle Web Browser Antitrust Dispute

By Jamie Pert - Dec 16, 2009

For the last 10 years Microsoft have been caught up in a dispute with the European Commission, this dispute is regarding supplying Internet Explorer as standard with their OS versions.

Today the EU have accepted Microsoft’s most recent offer, this offer involves Microsoft displaying a ‘ballot box’, from which you must choose from a choice of web browsers.

This ‘ballot box’ will appear the first time your Windows computer boots up, there will be a range of choices available,obviously Microsoft will want you to choose Internet Explorer, however you can choose other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari, Google Chrome and Opera.

Personally I prefer Firefox and Chrome to Internet Explorer, however I do not quite understand why Microsoft have to in affect cripple the functionality of their OS to settle antitrust dispute, especially when Apple seem to have no problem bundling Safari with their computers.

My biggest concern for Microsoft is that by integrating other companies web browsers they may end up with disgruntled customers who don’t understand how to operate these alternative browsers, install plug-ins etc.


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