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Google’s Android Market: 20,000 Apps Now Available

These days mobile Operating Systems require more than just a stable environment for your handset, users want easy access to a large range of intuitive applications aswell.

Over the past few years Apple have really dominated, however RIM have started expanding their AppWorld, Nokia have expanded their Ovi Store and Google have expanded their Android Market, we are now hearing that the Android Market has just reached a notable milestone.

According to a recent article posted on SlipperyBrick it seems as if there are now over 20,000 apps available at the Android Market, this has taken just over a year to reach.

This falls short of Apple’s App Store 50,000 apps in one year, however is certainly showing growth for Google’s open-source OS.

Out of these 20,000 apps over 60 percent of these are said to be completely free, this percentage of free applications is much better than Apple’s 23 percent of free apps.

This next year in my opinion will prove very critical for the Android OS, however with more advances in Android handsets and a larger following I’m sure things will get better, for more details check out SlipperyBrick.



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