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Google Countdown: Nexus One Phone Rumors

We now know that Google’s Nexus One Phone will be launched in the New Year, with many rumors suggesting a January launch. The new smartphone is expected to be sold direct from the Google Home Page and to add further speculation; a mysterious countdown has appeared on the homepage.

We are not certain what this countdown is for; it could just be to celebrate entering a new year. However, we like the idea that the Nexus One will be released on January 1, 2010. This would certainly be a good date to launch a phone on the Internet, as most people will be at home after all the partying.

We all know that when we are at home we search the net, and the first website we go to is normally As of writing this, the countdown was at 1326300 and will hit zero on January 1.

Not much is known about the Google Phone, although we do have a few rumored spec details. The search engine giant has a habit of launching Android handsets on their home page, such as the G1 and the Droid, so this would be keeping with tradition.

So do you think that this is just a normal countdown for the New Year, or is there more to it?



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