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Cherrypal Africa No Frill “mini-netbook” for $99

A laptop for less than $100 has been on the cards for some time now, but we can now tell you that the $99 Cherrypal Africa mini-netbook has now hit the market. This small device is designed for poor people in not so fortunate regions, such as parts of Africa.

We need to inform you of the specs of this cheap netbook, but do not expect anything special. This 7-inch device comes with a 400-MHz processor, just 256 MB of RAM and 2GB of flash memory. The netbook will come with a choice of Windows or Linux OS.

Developing nations are sure to love the Cherrypal Africa, although there are still millions of Americans who cannot afford a standard laptop, making this the ideal solution for them. This is not the first cheap laptop from the company; in July 2008 they offered the Impulse NPX-9000 for just $139.

According to PC World, this was dubbed the “world’s cheapest laptop, although you had to purchase more than 100 units to get them at that price. The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) was considered to be the best option for those who could not afford a portable computer device. The idea was for every one of these laptops sold, another would be shipped to a developing country.

We know that most of you will not want to purchase the Cherrypal Africa, but just think how one of these could change the life of someone less fortunate than you.



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