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AAXA M1 & M1 Plus micro-projectors: Detailed Specifications

AAXA have recently unveiled two new projecors, these are called the AAXA M1 Micro-Projector and the AAXA M1 Plus Micro-Projector, it seems that these projectors are not regarded small enough to be classed as pico projectors, instead they are classed as micro-projectors.

These projectors measures just 112x105x46mm, they supports a native resolution of 800×600 and offer 66 lumens of brightness. The AAXA M1 Micro-Projector features a 3.5mm composite video input, the other (M1 Plus) features a VGA input.

Both models feature 1GB of internal storage along with an SD card slot, they also both feature a microUSB port and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The AAXA M1 standard will sell for $299 and will begin shipping on December 21st, the M1 Plus will sell for $359 and will begin shipping on January 21st. For more information check out SlashGear.



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