10 Best Smartphones of 2009: Do You Agree?

By Jamie Pert - Dec 16, 2009

Cnet have recently put together a list of what they believe to be the ten best smartphones of 2009, their top ten is in no particular order, they put together this list by considering the handset’s sleek design, solid performance, or innovative feature set.

Their ten favorite handsets of 2009 (in no particular order) are the Palm Pre, the Motorola Droid, the BlackBerry Bold 9700, iPhone 3GS, the HTC Hero, the Samsung Omnia II, the HTC Touch Pro2, the Nokia N900, the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G and the BlackBerry Curve 8900.

What is particularly noticeable about this list is that there is just one Nokia handset (the N900), this is the only major Nokia handset release which wasn’t running Symbian, perhaps this is a sign of where Nokia’s future should be directed.

I must admit out of all of these handsets I have only had hands-on experience with the iPhone 3GS, the HTC Hero and the Nokia N900.

Its obvious that the iPhone seems a step above all of the rest in terms of intuitiveness, however I feel once the N900 has been out a while it will become a real competitor, as for the HTC Hero, its a very nice handset, but in my opinion falls short of the mark.

What handsets do you think should have been in this list?

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  • Gareth Saunders

    As a bit of a tech freek over many years and also a past Nokia Symbian fan and owning a Nokia N810 and E71 not to mention a Blackberry but currently a HTC Hero. I must say that sadly Nokia handsets whilst probably exuding better quality, now lack the total experience!! Would love to be converted back!!
    p.s. My children love the iphone but actually I am not quite convinced!!

  • The Palm Pre broke significant new ground with the introduction of the Web Operating System and the use of the Texas instruments Processor (waaay fast!) If they had only introduced the ability to multi-task they would be eligible for top prize never mind the Touch Screen with physical Keyboard, Universal Search and Synergy!! No competition best SmartPhone on the market today!