Google Nexus Phone and iPhone 4G: 2010 Smartphone Forecast

By Peter Chubb - Dec 15, 2009

Smartphone sales are disappointingly low for 2009, it had been expected that sales would peak this year due to a number of hot new handsets, such as the iPhone 3GS and the Motorola Droid. According to market research, we only have Nokia to blame for the poor sales figures. However, 2010 could see a turnaround in smartphone sales with the launch of the Google Nexus One phone and the rumored Apple iPhone 4G.

According to an article on PC World the market research was conducted by Gartner and shows that smartphones accounted for 14 percent of cell phone sales, an increase of 24 percent from 2008. Sales were right on target for 2009 but the third-quarter has seen a setback, this is due to Nokia not launching enough high-end smartphones.

The forecast for 2013 looks very healthy for smartphones; every third cell phone sold will be a smartphone. But we first need to look to 2010 and the release of a new bunch of handsets.

We know that more than 50 new Android handsets will be launched next year, one of those being the Google-branded Nexus One. This will be the first handset to come with Google branding, but we are not sure how much damage this will do with its partners and those 50 Android handsets.

Apple is where the real sales are, the biggest selling phone in 2009 was the iPhone 3GS and if rumors of a 4G version are true, then sales will be just as good if not better.

For more details on smartphone sales, visit PC World

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  • Dave Haynie

    Naturally, the smart phone business will grow. This is one reason Google found it important to be in this business… with a billion cell phones sold per year, web search will in time migrate from being PC-centric to being PDA (phone) centric.

    As for the iPhone 4G… while Verizon is planning an “all at once” rollout of LTE sometime in 2010, AT&T is not delivering LTE until sometime in 2011. It’s possible Apple will hit 4G early, just to head off migration from iPhone to something else. But as far as useful 4G on their network, that’s not a 2010 thing.

    Of course, a 4G announcement could mean the iPhone spreading out to other carriers, though only Sprint has 4G in the US right now, and that’s a fairly limited WiMax rollout… in partnership with Clear (Sprint, the former Clearwire, Intel, Google, Comcast, etc).

    Apple really has other things to catch up on… like screen resolution and quality, to stay competitive with the vast array of new smart phones on the market today… and coming Real Soon Now.