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Google Nexus One: Pricing Details

One of the hottest topics within the last 24 hours has undoubtedly been the Google Nexus One handset, we have posted a couple of articles now, most recently showing a high-res image of the handset’s display.

A lot of the details surrounding the handset are still extremely scarce, however we have recently heard details regarding a subsidized price for the handset.

According to the usually reliable I4UNews website it seems as if when the Google Nexus One launches it will have a subsidized price of $199, I4UNews are said to have sourced this information from an ‘anonymous source’.

This subsidized price is said to be subsidized by Google themselves, I’m not quite sure what this means when the handset is offered as part of a contract with a carrier, perhaps it will be free?

At the moment this is still unconfirmed, and I would guess it will be a while until we hear details which confirm/refute these claims, as we find out more we will keep you informed.



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