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Corsair’s new 24GB Tri-Channel Dominator Memory Kit

If you are looking to build an extremely high-end PC in the near future one major consideration will be what RAM to choose, if cost is not a problem to you you may want to check out Corsair’s new 24GB Tri-Channel Dominator Memory Kit.

This kit consists of six 4GB memory modules, if used in a supporting motherboard you can utilize the memory to its full potential in a tri-channel configuration.

Each of the DDR3 memory modules operates at 1333MHz with latency timings of 9-9-9-27, it is thought that this memory will be best combined with an Intel Core i7 setup running a 64-bit Operating System.

If you would like to buy the complete kit it is available today direct from Corsair for $1349.99, to find out more information check out HotHardware.



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