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Apple MacBook Shot Dead by Israeli Border Security

If you decide to visit Jerusalem, then just make certain that you backup your content on your laptop. A young American woman was glad that she did just that as her Apple MacBook Air met its maker, as it was shot dead by Israeli Border Security. I suppose it was better than being blown up.

It all started when the young lady was pulled in by Israeli security officers and hounded her for more than two hours with questions. She was then asked a number of questions, did she have a boyfriend, was he Arab, Egyptian, Palestinian? This is unconfirmed and we only have the young ladies word on it, but needless to say it was the MacBook that took the blame.

The security officer’s told her that her laptop had to be blown up, as you would imagine she was in total shock about losing her MacBook and the loss of all that data. She was then taken to see the mess that awaited her, the device had not been blown up, but it did have three bullet wounds.

Although the MacBook Pro was dead the data was salvaged, but that still left her angry. When looking more closely at the images here, you can see that the bullets penetrated all the through. The trackpad wrinkled from the force of the bullet, this is something that I would want to keep as a souvenir.

There is no question that this trip will ever be forgotten. Have you had anything this bad happen to one of your laptops?



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