Hands on: Able Planet NC200 Foldable Headphones

By Peter Chubb - Jan 18, 2009

I have spent some time with these Able Planet, Linx Audio NC200 Foldable Noise Canceling Headphones and from the moment that I took them out of their box, I knew that I was going to hear something special. The headphones are made with plastic; they feel sturdy but not as much as rival headphones

Able Planet NC200 Foldable Noise Canceling Headphone

To allow for your comfort the headsets have a nice amount of foam around them, as well as foam around the head part. The headphones can be adjusted to the size of your choosing. These Able Planet NC200 headphones can be folded, allowing for easy storage if you are limited on space or you are going away.

Able Planet NC200 Foldable Noise Canceling Headphone 6

These headphones come with an inline volume control, allowing you to have more control of the sound. These headphones come with one AAA battery, which is placed inside the right earphone; we will get to that reason in a moment.

Able Planet NC200 Foldable Noise Canceling Headphone 3

When placing the headphones on my head they fit nice over my ears and feel comfortable on my head. They already feel as if they are cancelling out about 50% of the sound, now comes the sound test.

Able Planet NC200 Foldable Noise Canceling Headphone 12

The great thing about these headphones are the fact that you can use them without the power on, when my iPod is half way on the volume they are a bit low, turning the volume up to full sounds better, but not fantastic. We have to remember that other headphones like this do not give you the option of working without power.

Able Planet NC200 Foldable Noise Canceling Headphone 14

Now comes the true test, turning them on to see how the really perform. I have made certain that the volume is down to a quarter, I have turned the noise canceling on and I do not notice much difference with the sound level of the music but I have noticed that I can no longer hear the TV as much as I did.

Able Planet NC200 Foldable Noise Canceling Headphone 2

I have now turned the volume up halfway and things certainly sound better with a nice amount of bass level. I have now turned them up to three quarters, and I am surprised at how good they sound, much better than wearing those ear buds, which are just earwax removers.

Able Planet NC200 Foldable Noise Canceling Headphone 11

As I do not detect any distortion it is about time I turned them up louder. Turning them up to full was not a good idea as they started to distort, but that is because I am playing a song with a lot of bass, backing the volume of slightly stopped the distortion.

Able Planet NC200 Foldable Noise Canceling Headphone 9

So now for the pros and cons, these headphones are reasonable priced and offer better sound than ear buds of the same price. The only downside with these Able Planet NC200 Foldable Noise Canceling Headphone is when listing to soft songs, there is a lot of background hissing.

Able Planet NC200 Foldable Noise Canceling Headphone 13

Able Planet NC200 Foldable Noise Canceling Headphone 4

For more information visit: www.ableplanet.com

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  • Perry Clease

    I just purchased a pair at Costco, $49 plus tax, and I must say that sound well and the noise canceling seems to work as advertised. They are also comfortable enough though I have yet to wear them for an extended period

    I had one problem when I tried to use them and that was that after the noise canceling LED would not come on. I pulled the supplied battery and replaced it with a fresh one, still no light. I went to their website looking for a tech support page or FAQ, they don't have any. Then I pushed down on the battery thinking that it was seated, that worked.

    I have two issues, one minor and one medium:

    The battery may be a pain in the butt to remove when it comes time for that. The battery sits in a deep well and getting fingers on it is all but impossible, I may need to use forceps. Also the earpiece yoke doesn't swing away enough from the battery well for convenience of replacing the battery.

    A minor issue. There wasn't much in the way of instructions included. The device isn't too hard to outwit, but they could have included better instructions. Now you can download the instructions from their website. However, it is a Word 97 doc. Good grief! Make a text file or PDF so even people without Word can easily open it. Also they could have put the instructions on a webpage.

    Those things aside, it does seem to be a good value for the money.

  • Hmm … but I think you did not mention the price of this one. Plus adding battery is another cost to my pocket.

    But you are looking great from every angle 😉