Hands on: WarmMe Warm Mouse

By Peter Chubb - Jan 8, 2009

We were sent this Warm Mouse which is made by WarmMe, the first thing that I noticed when I saw the device was how large it was. Then again I work on a laptop all day so I am used to a notebook size mouse. So let’s unpack the device and see what it is like.

WarmMe Mouse 4

The first thing I notice is how light it is, I like a mouse with a bit of weight as it gives it a feeling of quality. The WarmMe Mouse is not about that, it is designed if you work in a cold office or warehouse and if you suffer from a number of things. These include Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, DeQuervain’s, Poor Circulation, Raynaud’s, RSI or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Tendonitis.

WarmMe Mouse 3

I have plugged the Mouse into my USB port and now have to wait, the device takes about 3 minutes to warm up, and will reach its maximum temperature in 20 minutes. Remember when you plug the WarmMe Mouse in, that you need to press the power button so that it starts to warm up.

Warmme Mouse 2

The mouse is now up to temperature and I have only had it in my hands for 30 seconds, I do not like the feeling as I am in a warm room and my hands are warm most of the time anyway. I decide to call my father round as he suffers with cold hands.

WarmMe Mouse 5

I let him have a go with the mouse, and he loves the warm feeling, he said that he feels more in control of the mouse as his hands are now nice and warm. He did say that there was one problem, that he can’t use two of them at once.

WarmMe Mouse 1

When I tried to use the mouse I was not happy with the shape of the device, as the design is very basic. I like a mouse like my Logitech which has a lovely feel and slopes down towards the front. My father said that he preferred the shape of the WarmMe Mouse, he pointed out that his hands are larger than mine, so he prefers a mouse with a simple design.

WarmMe Mouse 6

Here is a list of the features:

  • 2-Button, 3-function
  • Accurate 800dpi
  • Convenient On/Off Switch on cord
  • Ergonomic USB Optical Scrolling Mouse
  • Heated (infrared) Warms to perfect 104°F
  • No additional software/hardware necessary
  • Works with any PC, MAC or Notebook

The Warm Mouse costs just $29.95; if you purchase two then you will only pay $24.95. For more information visit: www.warmmouse.com

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  • Jim R

    Same deal, this thing is complete junk. My middle scroll wheel broke as well within a week and within a month the mouse no longer works, just keeps disconnecting and reconnecting like somethings loosed inside the mouse(My USB is fine). Really wish someone made a quality warm mouse.

  • SS

    WarmMe is a piece of junk! I paid $59.95 and want my money back. I agree with RS and Grace. WarmMouse.com is a rip off! Buyer beware for sure!!!

  • Gace

    I’ve heard several complaints about the WARMMOUSE.COM website. Thanks for the tip.

  • RS

    Buyer beware! I recently purchased the Warm Mouse(same as one above) and while I do enjoy the warmth, the mouse overall is junk. Out of the box you can tell it is cheap(super lightweight, cheap made in China plastic). WITHIN TWO DAYS OF USING IT THE SCROLL WHEEL ACTUALLY BROKE COMPLETELY(cheap-o plastic). I have emailed WarmMouse through their website twice with zero response. Do not recommend.

  • Jim Fassbinder

    I purchased a warm mouse and found that I also needed the warm mouse pouch. The pouch is like a little oven, it keeps the heat inside when you let go of the mouse to type on the keyboard ( or get a drink of coffee!) They are going to make the warm mouse pouch with a heating element in it as well. I’m going to purchase that one for my home. I got it at http://www.warm-mouse-heated-keyboard.com
    Thanks for the neat review.

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