Hands-on: RC APACHE Black Hawk Helicopter 780

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 6, 2009

This is the RC APACHE Black Hawk Helicopter 780 that landed on my desk over the holiday season and thanks to a little free time we had great fun having a play.

Budget Gadgets was the site that kindly sent us this remote controlled helicopter to review and while I am 31 years old and love almost any gadget, especially the RC kind, I thought a 5 year boy (my son) would also be needed for the “Fun Factor” test.


When we first unboxed the Black Hawk Helicopter he was not that impressed, but the moment it took off and started flying his face took on a new look. His smile was ear to ear and the helicopter was extremely easy to fly and even he could do it after about 30 minutes of practice.


First lesson was learned right here about RC helicopters, they do not work that well indoors when your not an expert pilot. While I was trying to fly it you cannot help but smash into walls, ceilings and floors from time to time. This is where I was amazed at how tough the Black Hawk Helicopter 780 is.

We recommend you fly outdoors when there is low winds, indoors and at Christmas with decorations up is not a good time.


It’s easy to charge thanks to a lead in the controller that plugs into the bottom of the helicopter, then you just switch it to charge. Charging does not take that long, it’s got plenty of charge within a couple of hours.

While the RC APACHE is not as simple as hover type devices that just go up and down, it gets much easier to fly with practice and once mastered you can fly just like a real helicopter, which makes this gadget so much fun.


Main features of the RC Black Hawk Helicopter 780 include:

  • Tri-band technology
  • Auto stable and precision speed
  • Unique material withstand crashes
  • Miniature size and light weight
  • Super wide infrared control


The RC helicopter measures 7.79×2.95×3.54 inches or 198x75x90mm and weighs hardly anything at 9.66oz or 274g. You can buy the helicopter on Budget Gadgets for $31.48 or at the reduced price of $28.38 when you buy ten or more.

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  • Kanli1623

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  • chopper

    That’s an Apache helicopter. Black Hawks are completely different. 

  • Mark

    Hi Daniel,

    Can you advise where spare blades can be bought as my son's broke after 2 flights!

    Mark (Moorabbin, Melbourne, Australia

  • Tom

    got 3 of these on sale.. all 3 main blades were busted the same day in the same exact location..Talk about “Black Hawk Down”. they each come with a spare tail rotor blade but not the main blade which is what broke for me..
    The blades are made of a very brittle plastic which is their fatal flaw. If the main rotor blades were made with more of a rubbery plastic they would last a hell of alot longer.. But 3 different units broken in the same exact spot is a major design flaw.. Unfortunately I only got a few minutes of fun with them so I cannot even comment on the battery long term reliability..
    Stay away from this black hawk or you’ll be screaming “Black Hawk Down” too

  • Jon Rc

    Very interesting.
    I thought the same at first.
    But after 2 weeks of flying this helicopter just dies.
    With no support or website from the manufacturer which appears non existant.
    0 out of 5 STARS!


    Jon RC

    • flo

      All RC gadgets should be made with un breakable parts since they are likely to hit objects or bounce of objects.  The product(s) should come with warranty in the box.

      • chopper

        There’s no such thing as unbreakable parts. If you want something that’s unlikely to break, you’re going to have to spend a significant amount of money. They use cheap plastic 1) for reduced weight and 2) to keep costs down.