Hands-on: Boogie Karaoke Microphone for PS3

This is the Boogie Karaoke Microphone for PS3 that was the second product we reviewed from Budget Gadgets, although we first thought it was a “Wireless Karaoke Microphone for PS3” as this is what they name it on their site.

When you look at the features you can see it’s not wireless and has a long 3.5 meter cord, which is a nice length even if it is a wire.

When it comes to wireless microphones and games like SingStar, they should have had them from the start but did not thanks to many problems getting Bluetooth to work with more than one microphone.


So yes they have wires, with that aside the Boogie Karaoke Microphones work extremely well and not only do what they intend to but also have a cool dynamic feature that can be switched on and off.


In the pack you get two microphones, the USB adapter that the jack leads plug into and two long leads that attached to the microphones so two people can sing at the same time. They are ideal for games like Singstar and Rockband on the PS2 and PS3.


The audio quality is on par with the official microphones and they are priced at $34.29 for the pack or as low as $27.63 if you buy ten or more on Budget Gadgets.


In Summery: If you are happy with wired microphones then these are ideal, but personally we like a wireless solution for freedom of singing and dancing without the worry of wires.

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