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17 apps for day diet plans

With so many diet applications available you might need a specific diet plan this could range from seven days to 30 days or maybe just a couple of weeks at a time. With the many different apps to choose from we have come up with 17 that you might find useful.

Seven Day Diet Plan Pro is an iPhone app available for free. This application includes a weight calculator with U.S. and Metric units. Letting you in on the things you should and shouldn’t do with great recipes this app has a version 1.2 coming soon.

Diet Plans is available for £1.19 for the iPhone and has a daily diet plan that goes from 3 days to 28 days. Lose that weight quickly with Diet Plans. There are many different types of diet to choose from including English diets, Japanese diets grapefruit diets and more.

Easy Diet App is a free iPhone App that has a 3 day diet plan to follow that can help you lose 3 kilos in 3 days. Just do exactly what the application tell you to do and you will notice the difference in only three days. Use the easy shopping list functions and follow the instructions.

Detox Diet is an iPhone app for £0.59 and has a simple detox diet and a detailed 7 day diet. With many detoxing facts and detox diets this app will advise you on lifestyle changes when detoxing and various valuable information on the whole process.

Detox Diets & Recipes is available for £0.59 and has a detox diet that contains three, a one day mono diet, a weekend diet and a 7 day diet. This app will help you to heal the body through cleansing. With detoxing you can enhance the body and eliminate all dangerous toxins.

30-Day Low Carb Diet is an iPhone app for £0.59. This application helps you with a 30 Day Low Carb Diet Ketosis Plan. Based on the induction phase of the Atkins diet, the strictest of his 4 phases you can refer to the book when you feel you are slipping back into your old habits.

Diet & Exercise Assistant is available for £5.99 on the iPhone. For over 10 years Diet & Exercise Assistant has been the leading diet and fitness software for mobile devices. Using this app you can monitor food and exercise routines with graphs over a period of one week or a month.

Best Diet is an iPhone app for £1.79 and this application will make you use a diary to keep an eye on your habits and progress during any period of time. Making sure that you are focused on losing weight you will get help with exercise and eating properly.

Diet & Fitness Tracker by SparkPeople for iPad is a free app with a food and calorie tracker with over 1 millions foods to choose from. Using this app you will be able to see how many calories you have taken in daily. You can find out the details of how many calories you burn off each day with exercise demos to track your workouts.

EatRight – Daily food log diet checklist healthy nutrition guide is an iPhone app for £1.19 and has a tap and check log that keeps the information on food group consumption, glasses of water, and sweets/fats. Adapt your own diet, and use the 7 day log to track your progress.

Diet Journal is an iPhone app available for £0.59 and gets you to use a journal to track your past history and present daily food portions. With displays of the calories or carbohydrates consumed you can monitor your habits and current progression.

A 5-Day Slim Down for £0.59 is an iPhone app that lets you in on the latest spa and Hollywood diet craze. This app has an easy to use guide that will give you ideas on great recipes that will help you shed those pounds. Notice the difference after 5 days.

My Diet is an iPhone app available for £0.59. This app gives you full control of organizing you own diet plan. Have daily menus controlled for you and you children. Using this app will make you feel like your using self discipline to train your habits and control your diet.

Diet Tracker Assistant is £0.59. This iPhone will keep you on track until you reach your desired goal. Diet Tracker Assistant is your personal assistant and motivator that will help you shed pounds tracking you over a short period or a matter of months.

Bang Bang Diet is an iPhone app available for £1.19. This app will monitor your food in-take everyday giving you suggestions on daily weight issues telling you if your current weight is below today’s target weight eat normally and if your current weight is above today’s target weight, eat lightly as possible.

6-Day Body Makeover Michael Thurmond is an iPhone app for £6.49. This is a great app for shedding pounds over a short period. With this app you will find out certain techniques that will help you lose weight without exercising any more than you do or eat any less.

hCG DietTracker is available for £5.99 on the iPhone. Using this app you will be guided by a physician to help you achieve your health and diet goals by assisting you through the hCG diet. This diet can be monitored daily with a journal feature or over a period of time using the calendar options.

All these diet plan apps can be found through AppShopper and iTunes. In some cases iPad apps can also be found on iPhone operating systems and vise-versa. We hope you found a few interesting diet applications. Maybe you need a little push with an app to get that diet progressing or are wondering if I was to start a diet which one should I choose.

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Written by Marlon Votta

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