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10 Regrettable Text Messaging Moments

While text messaging has simplified many of our lives, the haste with which texts and replies are often sent can result in disaster. All it takes is one ‘for your eyes only’ message texted to the wrong recipient, and you could find yourself facing awkward apologies, breakups or even jail time.

Offering up some chuckle-worthy cautionary tales plucked from recent headlines, Predicto Mobile, the largest premium mobile content provider, has put together 10 Really, Really Regrettable Text Messaging Moments:

1 – 15 Minutes of Frame: A California woman sent hundreds of threatening texts to herself in an attempt to frame a former boyfriend. However, instead of basking in her revenge plot, the woman now faces a severe fine and jail time.

2 – Texting and Walking…and Falling: Attempting to send a text while walking, a teen on Staten Island instead found herself covered in raw sewage after falling down an open manhole.

3 – Think You Know Women?: A South African Member of Parliament texted “Renee, I am more in love with you than I was with anyone in my life.” Intended for his mistress, it was unfortunately sent to his now ex-wife, Anne Marie.

4 – I’m a ‘Little’ Drunk: While it would be funny in one of her big-screen spoofs, actress Anna Faris admits that nobody was laughing when she accidentally sent a “Let’s get drunk together” text…to a small child!

5 – Taking one for the team: A fan in the stands at a Yankees game was too preoccupied with his cell phone conversation to see a ball heading in his direction. The result? A line drive to the face and a round of Bronx cheers.

6 – Know Where I can Score Some Drugs, Officer?: A middle school teacher thought she was texting her pot dealer, but sent the message to a state trooper. D’oh! The text ultimately led to her arrest.

7 – This is a Holdup…J/K!: An Illinois man texted his girlfriend that the bank he was in was being held up. He intended the message to be a joke, but responding police officers failed to find the humor, arresting him on felony charges.

8 – Daddy’s Little Girl: An 18-year old girl sent out a text after losing her virginity, saying it was “Gr8!” Meant for her BFF, the message was sent to the last person she’d want to read it–her father.

9 – The $26K World Record: Last year, two men attempted to set a text messaging record. Their only reward? A whopping $26,000 bill from T-Mobile for the 217,000 messages sent.

10 – PR Team in the Penalty Box: During the 2009 NHL playoffs, the Pittsburgh Penguins accidently sent texts to hundreds of fans notifying them that they had won four tickets to a playoff game. The not so tech-savvy team then corrected the error with an automated phone apology.

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Written by Peter Chubb

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