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1 Hour of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gameplay footage

Since first playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive we have been doing our best to keep you up-to-date with the game’s progress, we are told that the beta for PC should kick off sometime this month, now an hour long video has shown up on YouTube which gives you a taster of what this game is all about.

You can see the video at the end of this post, as this is a downloadable title do not be put off by the mediocre graphics, instead remember why millions of people are still playing Counter-Strike around the world – we are told that CS: GO will ensure match balance and if you want to do well it’s about skill, you won’t get unrealistic rewards for camping, nor will you unlock better weapon attachments as you progress (see our previous article).

The video shows the first-ever match between Europe and America, the first round is a taser round, whichever team wins chooses which side they play as – prior to this knife-only rounds decided this. Early on we get to see a great new spectator view, also we get to see just how powerful and accurate the desert eagle (deagle) is, apparently each gun in CS: GO has its own unique spraying pattern, so this is something which the pros will be attempting to master.

During the video the commentators talk about the CS: GO beta, no date is given, but they do say it will arrive “in the next month”. Getting hold of beta keys should be easy (we have some to give away), Valve is keen to stress that you must not pay for a key as they are free, initially limited keys will be handed out to ensure that servers can cope with the demand, then more keys will be given out.

At the end of the match (which Europe won) one of the pro gamers talks about his first-impressions with CS: GO, on the whole he was impressed, but suggested that it needs to be more clear when you kill someone, also he suggests that weapon balance is slightly out (auto snipers are too strong) and smoke grenades are too effective, that said he was a fan of the flash grenades. He goes on to say that Global Offensive should attract more gamers to Counter-Strike, as it is hard convincing current-gen gamers to try out CS 1.6 and CSS.

Perhaps his biggest complaint related to the game’s sound, the pro suggested that it is hard to determine which sort of weapon you are being shot at with, obviously you may learn the sounds of particular guns the more you play CS: GO, but to his trained ear the AK sounded “nothing like an AK”.

Remember the video can be seen below, are you impressed by what you have seen?

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Written by Jamie Pert

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