WWE 2K17 1.01 update for Day One notes

By Alan Ng - Oct 4, 2016

We are closing in on the countdown to the WWE 2K17 release date, with the game soon to be available on PS4 and Xbox One next week. Now we offer up a reference point to all new and future WWE 2K17 updates on PS4 and Xbox One and provide a place for you to check patch notes.

2K will always be offering support for the game after release and we saw with WWE 2K16 that bug fix updates were a regular occurrence.

With that in mind, we want you to let us know what you want to see fixed with WWE 2K17 after release if you encounter any problems immediately after installing the game.


Keep checking this page and we’ll update you when 2K announce their WWE 2K17 Day One patch notes or go ahead and release versions 1.01 or 1.02 during the week of launch.

Are you excited about WWE 2K17? What needs to be improved for those that are already playing it?

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  • guss jr

    How come we don’t get demos like NBA. Pleas 2k I’m a xb1 & ps4 fan. Demo pleas

  • NgTurbo

    Anyone playing the game early? We know the street date was leaked in some places..

    • Jimmy Skaggs

      I’d love to know this as well. It’s pre-loaded and installed on my Xbox One, and I’d LOVE to just get a test out of it.