Smite 3.17 PS4, Xbox One patch notes for changes

By Alan Ng - Sep 12, 2016

We are now moving closer to the Smite 3.17 update release date on PS4 and Xbox One after Hi-Rez Studios recently gave a preview of the Smite 3.17 patch notes for PC users via the PTS build as usual.

New Smite patches on console always follow on from PC releases and now we know that you’ll be able to download a new version of Smite to PS4 and Xbox One very soon. We know this as Hi-Rez Studios has already released the Smite 3.17 patch on PC for players on the PTS.


With the Smite 3.17 update on console, changes will include new God skins Foxy Amaterasu, Steel Samurai susano, Old Wa Nu Wa and Terra mastery skins. There’s also new God cards, achievements and new Odyssey content to enjoy.

As for when Smite 3.17 will be out exactly on PS4 and Xbox One, the best way to keep track of this is by following Hi-Rez Studios developer Andy Anderson as he regularly keeps users up to date there.

Smite 3.17 patch notes for PS4, Xbox One: They are too long to list everything here, but you will find a full overview here.

Bookmark this page and we’ll keep track of new Smite updates on PS4, Xbox One and PC as they happen. Leave a comment below if you are waiting for the new update and your thoughts on game overall this year.

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  • NgTurbo

    New Smite 3.17 patch notes added above! What does everyone think of the new changes coming next? PTS preview live first as always, followed by console.

  • NgTurbo

    Smite 3.16 patch on PS4 and Xbox One coming next week I think guys, patch notes are already live above.

  • NgTurbo

    Added the Smite 3.15 patch notes video above! Also, link to full patch notes has been added.. what does everyone think of the new update??

  • NgTurbo

    Smite 3.12 update on PS4, Xbox One will be coming soon! Who’s ready for Erlang Shen?

  • Ben

    More maintenance again for today, May 24th.

  • MIKE

    Thanks for update, love this game and looking forward to more new features in the future.