PS4 4.0 update live with full notes

By Alan Ng - Sep 13, 2016

Update September 13: The PS4 4.0 firmware update is now live and is rolling out to consoles! Skip to the bottom of this article for details on what is new in the PS4 system update 4.0 notes.

Original article: We love to look forward to new PS4 firmware updates, in the hope that Sony continue to add fantastic features to the console to keep paying customers happy with their system – especially with Microsoft keeping the competition healthy with some impressive Xbox One features added to the console this year.

Current PS4 version: Everyone is on 3.55 right now, which was another minor update that Sony were not willing to discuss in length – only to say that it “Improved the quality of the system performance.”

With that said, the next PS4 update version 4.0 needs to bring actual features and we want to know what is top of your list in terms of improving the system for the rest of the year.


It’s a crucial time, as Sony are obviously thinking a lot about 4K and PS4 Neo, so at the same time they want to keep current generation owners happy with new features and not abandon the PS4 completely.

What new features would you personally like to see with the next PS4 system software update? Tell us below and let’s see who can come up with the best idea!

We’ll be updating this article as soon as we get official details on PS4 update 3.56 or 4.0 so keep checking back.

Update: The PS4 4.0 firmware update is now out and should be up for download! Added a video below showcasing the a preview of the bulk features, but the full list of PS4 4.0 update features are here on the official blog – including HDR!

Any problems with the new update? Tell us below.

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  • NgTurbo

    PS4 4.0 is live guys, downloading now in the UK. HDR is available as an added option in settings.. anyone got a capable 4K TV to test it out?

  • Taurus_310

    Sony should just let us download free games from time to time or movies. All this money they received from us, n as gamers/product buyers we should at least in return get something or make it freeonline as the previous system (ps3)

  • NgTurbo

    Guys, not long to go until PS4 4.0 is out with HDR! Expecting the confirmation from Sony any minute.. start refreshing those consoles!

  • P.Z.R.

    The feature I’m hoping for is a TV DVR function & the software of a Ota TV tuner under the Video menu.

    They would go right after the Xbox who killed their TV DVR function. I’d easily dump my xbox one now that I can’t DVR my Ota signals for Fox, NBC, ABC, PBS, & Cbs

    I want an all encompassing Game & video Entertainment console.

    LIVE TV, apps, games & video streaming apps

    Guess I’ll be stuck leaning towards a Gaming PC w/tuner & etc

  • Dave

    yes Sony more silent overclocks, the GPU is already artifact bad after the last 2 updates, no I’m not sending it back I’m just going to play it till it melts and trow it out !

  • NgTurbo

    PS4 4.0 – folders, check. new UI, check. What else are Sony missing with 4.0 that you guys wanna see??

  • Brandon Ellis

    We need folders 4 games apps and other things we need a option to delete notifications and Library