PS4, Pro 4.50 update with early patch notes list

By Alan Ng - Mar 7, 2017

Update: The PS4 4.50 update is just around the corner and now we are happy to reveal the full PS4 4.50 patch notes for those that want to get a detailed look at what is coming before the update lands. Skip to the bottom of the article for details:

Original article: We love to look forward to new PS4 firmware updates, in the hope that Sony continue to add fantastic features to the console to keep paying customers happy with their system – especially with Microsoft keeping the competition healthy with some impressive Xbox One features added to the console this year.

The PS4 Pro is now available to buy and as far as we’re aware, it ships with firmware version 4.05. Sony has recently confirmed that the next PS4 update 4.50, so it is going to be a major jump up from the current version.

Current PS4 version: Everyone is on 4.07 right now as of December 8 2016, which was another minor update that Sony were not willing to discuss in length – only to say that it included “stability and performance improvements “

With that said, the next PS4 and PS4 Pro system update version 4.50 needs to bring actual features and we want to know what is top of your list in terms of improving the system for the rest of the year.


It’s a crucial time, as Sony are obviously thinking a lot about 4K and PS4 Neo, so at the same time they want to keep current generation owners happy with new features and not abandon the PS4 completely.

What new features would you personally like to see with the next PS4 system software update? Tell us below and let’s see who can come up with the best idea!

We’ll be updating this article as soon as we get official details on PS4, PS4 Pro update 4.50 and with the jump in versions something tells us that the feature list could be big so keep checking back for the next details

Any problems with PS4, Pro firmware 4.07 update? Tell us below.

Update: Here are the PS4 4.50 update notes with a full changelog which has been possible thanks to the update going live in China before anywhere else – not often you say that!

4.50 version of the main features of the upgrade

– You will be able to use the USB storage device to install the application or move the application from the PS4 host memory. The following conditions must be met for USB storage devices that can be used.

*external hard drive

*USB 3.0 or above

*minimum capacity of 250GB, the maximum capacity of 8TB

– The shortcut menu is now easier to use. The party function, from the party to attend the party, have become more convenient.

– When using the remote control function on a Windows PC, Mac, Xperia Smartphone or Xperia Tablet, you can chat with a microphone in the game or party using the device’s microphone.

– You can now use the screenshots to customize the background image of your main picture and function screen.
You can now display screenshots, such as [What’s New] screenshots, to the event. Press the SHARE key, select [Screen Capture], and select [Active] as the upload location. In addition, you can now mark the game and have played with the players.

– When you log on (PlayStationApp) and other applications, your status will be displayed as (mobile) even if it is not next to the PS4 host . This means you can communicate with friends.
After the party is held, it can be changed to public or private. Select (Party)> [Party Settings]> [Party’s Privacy].

– PlayStation VR now supports Blu-ray 3D content.

– You can now publish GIF animations to events and social applications

– The PS4 that you first used to access the PlayStation Network will now be automatically certified as your favorite PS4.

– When creating a master account, the parent or guardian can now simply create a child account for the child.
You can now upload or download saved data directly from the main screen. Move the alignment mark to the game, press the OPTIONS key, and then select [Upload / Download Save Data].

– You can now share screenshots with people on the PlayStation Network with related options. When you share with people, you can adjust your privacy settings at any time.

– You can now start (SHAREfactory) from the (interception picture album ). While viewing (interception of the photo album), press the OPTIONS key and select [Edit with SHAREfactory].

– You can change the color of your profile screen to match the cover image.
When you report inappropriate content, you can preview the report before sending it

– Xperia (PS4 remote operation) design has been updated.

– When you receive a party invitation, you can quickly reply from (message) or (PS Messages) with the quick reply function.

– Your PS4 host profile The cover image on the screen can now be displayed in (PS Messages).

– The theater mode image quality on PlayStation VR has improved.

That is everything in full, let us know what you think below and when you are downloading the update for yourself!

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  • Bay

    My PS4 Pro cannot play FFXV any patches version. I can only play 1.00 only.

    Hope 4.5 will fix this issue.

  • Jose Espinoza

    All i want from sony is besides the updates is for mlb the show 17 be in true 4k quality and to ad face scan feature like nba 2k does every year

  • Lee

    Three words – playstation one emulation

  • NgTurbo

    3 stability updates in a row, surely something new has to come to keep everyone happy after this?

  • Gary Murden

    Patch 4.07 does do one thing.

    It stops the HDCP 2.2 work around on LG TV’s from working.

    This means you have to have the HDCP disabled to play on the PS4 pro.

    Since LG haven’t done a patch in the UK for their LGUH610v TVs at this time (10.40 am 08.12.06) I guess Sony’s firmware writers have shot themselves in the foot with this and hopefully a new patch is immediate.

    Utter farce.

    • Liam Brady

      Right, that is why it has stopped working… Figured. Just came to google it to find out. That is incredibly annoying.

      • Gary Murden

        According someone on Reddit, Sony will be doing a new patch in a week.

        I wish they had a firmware roll back option.

        • Liam Brady

          Yup. Oh well, I didn’t want to use my new TV and new PS4 pro anyway.

    • NgTurbo

      Let’s hope that comes with the 4.08 update then Gary.

      • Gary Murden

        LG has updated the firmware for their TV’s.

        You have to download them onto a USB device and then their TV’s work fine.

        Strange that LG didn’t allow the update though the firmware check on the actual tv.

        If you have an LG tv, please check their website as you could be missing out.

        Hopefully the next PS update will have name changes for those who want it, external hard drive support (v. Unlikely) or a simple update to the media player to offer better sorting/playlist options.

        Thanks to any one that replied, sometimes businesses forget that those numbers are people and we like to be kept in the loop.

  • NgTurbo

    4.07 is now live and it’s another stability update. How stable do Sony want to get before giving us actual features?

  • Titmister

    Since 4.01 update the whats new screen stopped working dont get any updates its stuck even when i bought the pro its still the same basically sony know and they are not bothered its a server and account issue what hit random people plus theres privacy issues that your msgs never get deleted all you do is leave group but when you msg that person again your old msgs are there still i bet that doesn’t help there servers

  • NgTurbo

    Yes, as Matty33 has said update is live. Bit disappointing to have two stability updates back to back. Perhaps the next one with actual features will be 4.10.. what do you want to see guys?

  • matty33

    4.06 is live. Nothing to get excited about it’s just another “stability and performance improvements” update no new features. It must have only been a small patch as it only took seconds to install. It’s probably just fixing the problems that some people had after installing 4.05.

  • just_me

    I don’t need any changing, “stability and performance improvements” it’s perfect for me. The last major update has add so many new things, has done the PS4 more perfect that I was hoping for.

  • NgTurbo

    4.05 is now out! Downloading as we speak. No big changes though, pretty disappointing. Lots of gamers thinking that it is just adding extra support for PS VR.

  • NgTurbo

    PS4 4.0 is live guys, downloading now in the UK. HDR is available as an added option in settings.. anyone got a capable 4K TV to test it out?

  • Taurus_310

    Sony should just let us download free games from time to time or movies. All this money they received from us, n as gamers/product buyers we should at least in return get something or make it freeonline as the previous system (ps3)

  • NgTurbo

    Guys, not long to go until PS4 4.0 is out with HDR! Expecting the confirmation from Sony any minute.. start refreshing those consoles!

  • P.Z.R.

    The feature I’m hoping for is a TV DVR function & the software of a Ota TV tuner under the Video menu.

    They would go right after the Xbox who killed their TV DVR function. I’d easily dump my xbox one now that I can’t DVR my Ota signals for Fox, NBC, ABC, PBS, & Cbs

    I want an all encompassing Game & video Entertainment console.

    LIVE TV, apps, games & video streaming apps

    Guess I’ll be stuck leaning towards a Gaming PC w/tuner & etc

    • Admir Karalic

      You and my parents, are probably the only individuals still watching conventional TV programs.

  • Dave

    yes Sony more silent overclocks, the GPU is already artifact bad after the last 2 updates, no I’m not sending it back I’m just going to play it till it melts and trow it out !

  • NgTurbo

    PS4 4.0 – folders, check. new UI, check. What else are Sony missing with 4.0 that you guys wanna see??

  • Brandon Ellis

    We need folders 4 games apps and other things we need a option to delete notifications and Library