NBA 2K17 1.07 update fixes needed after 1.06

By Alan Ng - Nov 22, 2016

Players are getting stuck into NBA 2K17, after 2K launched the latest version of the popular series on console. Now we take a look at the next NBA 2K17 update, with players now waiting for 2K to release the NBA 2K17 1.06 patch notes on PS4 and Xbox One.

Previous NBA 2K17 updates: The current version of NBA 2K17 is 1.06 and it arrived on November 21 for PS4 and Xbox One – you can recap patch notes here.

The last NBA 2K17 patch offered a lot of MyTeam bug fixes, so what are you hoping to see in terms of actual new NBA 2K17 1.07 features on PS4 and Xbox One which adds new functionality to the game?


We also know that many of you have been having a lot of problems with NBA 2K17 MyPark glitches and that patch 1.06 does still not fix up the issue completely.

With that said, leave a comment below in the NBA 2K17 discussion section and tell 2K what you need to see by the time the NBA 2K17 patch 1.07 release date arrives.

Save this page, as we’ll update it with new patch notes when they go live.

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  • NgTurbo

    Next NBA 2K17 update is about to drop guys. Added the info for 1.05 above so far, will post full patch notes soon.

  • NgTurbo

    patch 1.04 is live guys! 2K are delaying the patch notes though.. will add them above asap. What have you guys noticed?

  • Ryan Ross

    A huge issue is mycareer! A lot of players are having serious issues with player connections! They simply will not show up on your calendar making it extremely difficult to unlock things like ” MJs high rise court”!!! Smh

    • myke313

      Right that’s so irritating. Plus I keep unlocking new player upgrade categories but they aren’t there. I can’t even try to max out my player

  • NgTurbo

    What does everyone need to see in the next NBA 2K17 update for PS4 and Xbox One? Should be version 1.04 but we’ll let you know if 2K skip a version.