Marvel Heroes Omega 1.11 patch notes for The Defenders event

By Alan Ng - Aug 24, 2017

Update: We can confirm that a new Marvel Heroes Omega 1.11 update is coming on August 24! This is going to be a special The Defenders update for PS4 and Xbox One players. Skip to thebottom of this article for details on the Marvel Heroes Omega 1.11 patch notes when we have them.

Original article: Marvel Heroes Omega is the super enjoyable new game from developers Gazillion, a long awaited console port from the PC version which is still being played by millions of gamers worldwide.

Marvel Heroes Omega will be available for PS4 first, followed by a release on Xbox One later in the year. Some players have been lucky enough to get into the closed beta test though and we can already see that Gazillion has been busy updating the game with new fixes.

Current version of Marvel Heroes Omega: The game is now on version 1.10 on PS4 which arrived in early August 2017 offering the Mighty Women Loot Box with new costumes for players to buy.


With that said, what do you want to see for the next version of Marvel Heroes Omega which should be 1.11 on PS4?

Keep checking this page as we will update it with the Marvel Heroes Omega 1.011 patch notes as soon as they are available from the developers – they will also appear here on the official Marvel Heroes Omega forums once the update has gone live on consoles so look out for that too.

Do you love this game at the moment? If you are playing it, tell us how to improve it in future updates and if Gazillion decide to skip versions from 1.10 to 1.12!

Update:  Here are the details on the next Marvel Heroes Omega update, which should be 1.11 which adds the Defenders content to the game.


Once the new update is live, we will add any additional notes here if we have missed anything.

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  • NgTurbo

    Heads-up guys. Servers will be down on August 24 for the Defenders update! This should be version 1.11 on PS4, 1.03 on Xbox One. Maintenance is 3 hours starting from 6am Pacific Time. Make sure you grab the ticket from the store or you can’t play the event once servers are back up. Details:

    • Dumb Monkey

      Event Ticket will not download.

  • Warren

    I keep getting error message.
    “You must sign into PlayStation network to access online features”
    I am logged into the network. Turned off and on the system multiple times , still no success. This is sooooo frustrating! Anyone experience this?

    • Dumb Monkey

      I cannot download the event ticket. Yay incompetence!

  • Emmanuel Shambley

    If you want us to be happy give us our ability to have team ups for crying out loud! When is that coming how long before we quit playing?

  • christopher Leonard

    14.45 gb downloading now. On xbox one.

  • Dreykalzie

    think they changed maintenance from 4 hours instead of 3 :(

  • Francis

    downloading 1.08 now.. 11.5gb! on PS4

  • NgTurbo

    1.07 is live guys! Who else is seeing a massive 10gb download? Thoughts on the costume changes everyone?

    • Considering I’m on Xbox what exactly, are the costume changes? Thanks:)

      • NgTurbo

        I was referring to the fact that you cannot buy costumes directly with G anymore, they have put them inside the loot boxes now. Same system as Xbox One!

  • Emmanuel Shambley

    It would be nice if they fixed Thor and made him viable again. I spent a lot of time tweaking and grinding for him to be nerfed on console already. How do you want people to enjoy the game if their characters are being altered because the developers think he or she is too powerful? Make Thor good again! ~MrPR3ZID3NT77 PS4

  • 没玩过博客,感觉还挺好玩!

  • NgTurbo

    Hey guys, what do you want to see for the next update? We are also wondering when villains are coming. Who else is missing from PC?

  • Zaetron Folk

    when are we getting doctor doom?

  • 1stBlackBolt

    wow didn’t expect those thor and antman changes, bodes well for the future. gj gaz!

  • utah

    1.04 has just gone live now! good job i just cleaned a ton of space on my hdd…lol

  • pietro4MHO

    13gb for me, guess this is the day one patch for everyone else coming in

  • Erik

    downloading a 15gb update now on my ps4.. so we can’t play anymore or what??

  • jason

    where is nightcrawler and juggernaut??Love the beta so far though!