Marvel Heroes Omega 1.05 patch notes surprise

By Alan Ng - May 22, 2017

Update: We can report that another Marvel Heroes Omega update has gone live as of May 22, very quick after the previous update which only arrived a few days ago. Skip to the bottom of the article for details on the Marvel Heroes Omega 1.05 patch notes.

Original article: Marvel Heroes Omega is the super enjoyable new game from developers Gazillion, a long awaited console port from the PC version which is still being played by millions of gamers worldwide.

Marvel Heroes Omega will be available for PS4 first, followed by a release on Xbox One later in the year. Some players have been lucky enough to get into the closed beta test though and we can already see that Gazillion has been busy updating the game with new fixes.

Current version of Marvel Heroes Omega: The game is now on version 1.04 which arrived in May 2017 bringing the Day One update to the game after the end of the Closed Beta testing period.


With that said, what do you want to see for the next version of Marvel Heroes Omega which should be 1.05 on PS4?

Keep checking this page as we will update it with the Marvel Heroes Omega 1.05 patch notes as soon as they are available from the developers – they will also appear here on the official Marvel Heroes Omega forums once the update has gone live on consoles so look out for that too.

Do you love this game at the moment? If you are playing it, tell us how to improve it in future updates and if Gazillion decide to skip versions from 1.05 to 1.06!

Update: Another patch has gone live and with it, confirmation that it is only 600mb in size. However, it means 2 hours of server downtime which you can keep track of in our outage section here on Marvel Heroes Omega.

When we have the full patch notes we will let you know, but we assume that it is just bug fixes from Gazillion – we will update this article so keep checking back.

Leave a comment with changes that you notice yourself when you can log back into the game!

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  • 1stBlackBolt

    wow didn’t expect those thor and antman changes, bodes well for the future. gj gaz!

  • utah

    1.04 has just gone live now! good job i just cleaned a ton of space on my hdd…lol

  • pietro4MHO

    13gb for me, guess this is the day one patch for everyone else coming in

  • Erik

    downloading a 15gb update now on my ps4.. so we can’t play anymore or what??

  • jason

    where is nightcrawler and juggernaut??Love the beta so far though!