Marvel Future Fight 2.7.0 patch notes with Odin, WB Co-Op

By Alan Ng - Dec 6, 2016

Update: The Marvel Future Fight 2.7.0 patch notes are now live! We were correct about Enchantress coming to the game at last and also the rumors about Odin were true as well. Skip to the bottom of this article to see the new information and tell us how excited you are.

Original article: Marvel Future Fight is the extremely popular iOS and Android game from Korean developers Netmarble. There are millions of players worldwide and all of them are now waiting to find out when the next Marvel Future Fight update for November 2016.

We’ve set up this page so we can let you know about all Future Fight patch notes when they are released by Netmarble. These will involve the mid month T2 updates that won’t require a physical update, followed by the end of month updates which we are now up to Future Fight version 2.6.0.

What are you hoping to see for the next Future Fight update, aka patch 2.7.0 in terms of new characters, uniforms, T2 abilities and end game content?


A lot of players are hoping that Netmarble adds more ways to decrease the amount of time needed to grind content, which is why you’ll be pleased to hear that recent updates have been quality of life improvements designed to speed up daily tasks.

Keep tracking this page as we’ll let you know when the next set of Future Fight 2.7.0 patch notes are released along with any leaks or rumors.

Update: We already have our first details to share on the next Marvel Future Fight update, 2.7.0! Netmarble has given a tease over on to say that the next update will be themed around Asgard!


Take a look at the excerpt from the article which hints that new Gods will be coming to the game. This is very interesting, as we can remind you that Enchantress an Asgardian Goddess is already inside Future Fight game code – below is her model for those that haven’t seen it.


With that in mind, what Asgardian would you want to see in Future Fight? There are so many exciting names to choose from, some examples that we would pick include the likes of Ares, Beta Ray Bill, Fandral, Executioner, Valkyrie and Balder.

We wonder if Netmarble would even consider making Odin the ‘Dr Strange’ type hero that will be the reward for a Future Fight Asgard Epic Quest, what would you think about this?


Take a look at the image above for some ideas and let us know what you want to see. Don’t forget it also means that T2 abilities for Loki, Thor, Jane Foster and Destroyer could be coming next too!

Update 2: Here is what looks to be the first screenshot from Marvel Future Fight patch 2.7.0!


Our thoughts: Given that this is a brand new location and we see a lot of frost giants, it is highly likely that this is a new Asgard stage.

Also take note of the 12-3 in the top left corner. This could mean that Netmarble will bring another two new story chapters to the game, with Chapter 11 and 12- meaning many new Asgardian characters to unlock we hope!

The Agents of Shield update also introduced two new story chapters, so Netmarble has done this before! Give us thoughts below!

Update 3: We are getting closer to the release date! Here’s the Marvel Future Fight 2.7.0 Interim Report 1 which teases this mysterious character to the game.


Netmarble are not saying who it is yet, but given the fact that the next update looks to be based around Asgard we have a feeling that we may be looking at an Unworthy Thor uniform for Thor!


We’re not sure about it yet, as some other nice guesses have also included Taskmaster and Dr Doom although the latter is very doubtful for obvious reasons. Still though, Unworthy Thor plus his T2 upgrade would be great to see.

Update 4: Wow, the Interim Report 2 is live and there’s more exciting information to give you guys. We now have confirmation of the two new story chapters, these will be Asgard and Muspelheim!



As we suspected, Unworthy Thor has also been confirmed by the developers but the big question now is whether this will be a uniform for Thor, or a brand new character all together – remember, no Mjolnir!

Netmarble has teased that a new ‘material’ is coming to the game and that it is ‘metallic’ in nature. No further details were provided, but could this be a material that is rarer than Chaos Norn Stones?

Last but certainly not least, the tease of another new character in the form of a silhouette. Take a look below, as many fans are already certain that this is either Odin, or his brother Cul Borson aka super villain Serpent!


Very exciting, so give us your thoughts on all of the new information. Our prediction is that this update is coming early next week so stay tuned for full patch notes.

Update 5: As expected, the update is ready to go live. Odin is coming as a base T2 character just like Dr Strange, but there will be no Asgard Epic Quest – Odin can be levelled up similar to a Black Order character.


Enchantress is coming, but she will be the next paywall character to arrive after Carnage and Hyperion. World Boss Co-Op mode is a big surprise with 2.7.0 and it looks like it will reward players with extra gold and biometric selectors if you manage to get to the end.


There’s so much to talk about and the patch notes are huge. Read through everything here at Mobirum then come back and tell us below what you are excited about the most.

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  • Tsaicat

    How long is the maintenance?

    • NgTurbo

      8 hours

  • NgTurbo

    Wow, what a huge update. What is everyone pumped for? Personally, I’m looking forward to the co op WB and getting extra bios.

  • chitgoks

    im not complaining on the possible update but i thought they usually release these new themes based on movies. aint thor 3: ragnarok going to be released november 2017?

  • boogeradornado

    Have they announced the release date yet?

  • Larus Foulger

    Loki was the power player before the T2 scheme came into being…looking forward to a T2 Loki! More Epic Quests, love it!! How about Thunderstrike, let Eric Masterson live again!!!

  • Cedric Sarmiento

    I hope they make the epic quest easier if they will introduce a new character like doctor strange. Newbies like me are having a hard time doing the Epic Quests 😵

    • NgTurbo

      Do you need any help cedric?

      • Cedric Sarmiento

        Just need tips on how to quickly level up 😭
        Also having a hard time on Epic Quests on the doctor strange event 😞

        • NgTurbo

          What task are you on? It takes time and you need to be able to get the shadowland selectors, to get the Dr Strange characters to 4-star, to advance quicker.

        • chitgoks

          the epic quests are not hard. they do take time though. if you wish to quicken the pace, google epic quest guides. that way you will know which materials to save up so you won’t get stuck for long.

  • NgTurbo

    New screenshot added above guys, looks like two new story chapters confirmed!

  • chitgoks

    i hope beta ray bill will be a uniform. having him as a separate character is too redundant

  • NgTurbo

    New T2 update added above! How many of you have max gears for a-force and black bolt?

  • Auschen

    Sif’s one of my favorite characters and she definitely needs a T2 upgrade.

  • Parableman

    There’s also Angela.

  • 相当不错,自愧不如!

  • NgTurbo

    Asgard content coming to Future Fight next, what characters do you want to see guys?

  • NgTurbo

    New T2 skill for Elsa looks insane. Who’s gonna use a ticket on her??

    • Mercenario Mark

      Don’t use a ticket on it, their bios are in villains siege

      • NgTurbo

        Yes, but isn’t it better to use 1000 chaos stones on BO instead of T2?