Marvel Future Fight 2.6.0 patch notes in full

By Alan Ng - Oct 25, 2016

Update October 25: We’re now excited to report that the Marvel Future Fight 2.6.0 patch notes are now live in full for the upcoming Dr Strange update! Skip to the bottom of this article for the notes.

Original article: Marvel Future Fight is the extremely popular iOS and Android game from Korean developers Netmarble. There are millions of players worldwide and all of them are now waiting to find out when the next Marvel Future Fight update for October 2016 or Halloween is out.

We’ve set up this page so we can let you know about all Future Fight patch notes when they are released by Netmarble. These will involve the mid month T2 updates that won’t require a physical update, followed by the end of month updates which we are now up to Future Fight version 2.6.0.

What are you hoping to see for the next Future Fight update, in terms of new characters, uniforms, T2 abilities and end game content?


A lot of players are hoping that Netmarble adds more ways to decrease the amount of time needed to grind content, which is why you’ll be pleased to hear that recent updates have been quality of life improvements designed to speed up daily tasks.

Keep tracking this page as we’ll let you know when the next set of Future Fight 2.6.0 patch notes, or Halloween patch notes are released.

Feel free to ask for any Future Fight help below since we have cleared Infinity Thanos 5/5 each week.

Update: We now have the confirmed list of October T2 updates for Future Fight. Is this a taste of what is to come for Halloween? Future Fight T2 skills for Warwolf, Elsa, Blade, Green Goblin and Ultimate Goblin are confirmed!



We also have our first patch notes for October, this should be server side changes not the 2.6.0 physical update and the new T2 skills will be available on Friday October 7.


Update 2: Here is it guys, the big announcement from NYCC! Dr Strange is coming in update 2.6.0 and here is what he’ll look like:


Not only that, but Future Fight 2.6.0 will also debut multiple new characters as well as a classic Dr Strange uniform on top of the movie version one – which is amazing! Take a look at the rest of the characters added in 2.6.0 who will feature in the upcoming movie:


Last but not least, a new auto-repeat option for Timeline Battle will come with the next update, so there’s lots to get excited about. Stay tuned for the full Future Fight 2.6.0 patch notes soon.

Discuss the new changes below and let us know who you will spend a T2 ticket on!

Update 3: Future Fight 2.6.0 Interim Report 2 is now live and here are the new juicy pieces of information about new features coming with the next MFF update:


Other changes include: Alliance Battle Hard Mode and Dimension Rift auto search function. Hard Mode for Alliance Battle is only going to be available for those that can finish normal mode within the time limit, so we’re guessing it may be an extension rather than two separate battles.

Update 4: The Halloween event for Future Fight has been confirmed. It’s going to be a token event once again and here are the prizes on offer!


As you can see it looks like this year you will be able to buy extra tokens for the first time for gold, in case you miss a day and are a few short of the prize that you want.

The Halloween tokens are winnable through the Halloween event stage between 10-17 15:00 ~ 10/31 15:00 (UTC+0). However there’s also going to be a Halloween Gift box giveaway too from 10/17 15:00 ~ 10/19 14:59 (UTC+0) but it looks like you may need to log in every four hours to claim as Netmarble states that every four hours a new box will delete the previous one.

Update 5: Netmarble has just revealed Future Fight 2.6.0 Interim Report 3. We now can reveal that Black Order characters will gain TIER 2 passive abilities, which the developers will say will bring them ‘closer to their counterparts in WB’.

Another massive reveal is King of the Hill mode for Shadowland. This will activate when you have beaten Floor 25 and the description states that ‘you get to be the final boss’ as opponents try to take what is yours.


Enjoy the newest teaser image above and let us know what you think about the next additions to patch 2.6.0. It is looking like a huge update, are you excited?

Update 6: Here they are! The MFF 2.6.0 patch notes in full with a list of everything new coming to the game. Dr Strange sounds incredible but how hard will the Epic Quests be?

Read through everything here, including about the new Alliance Battle Extreme modes and let us know what you think of the patch in our discussion section. Maintenance soon!

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  • NgTurbo

    New T2 skill for Elsa looks insane. Who’s gonna use a ticket on her??

    • Mercenario Mark

      Don’t use a ticket on it, their bios are in villains siege

      • NgTurbo

        Yes, but isn’t it better to use 1000 chaos stones on BO instead of T2?