Mafia 3 1.03 update with PS4 patch notes

By Alan Ng - Oct 17, 2016

Update: We can confirm that there has been a new Mafia 3 1.03 update on PS4 on October 17! 2K has not shared full details yet but we do have a heads-up on the Mafia 3 1.03 patch notes below this article!

Original article: Mafia 3 is finally here after weeks of waiting. We have a heads-up on all of the new Mafia 3 updates on PS4, Xbox One and PC now, letting you see all of the content that Hangar 13 adds to the game after release.

Remember that Mafia 3 is a single-player only game, so all of the post launch patches will be fixing up bugs found in the campaign and making the gameplay a smoother one.

We know that the Mafia 3 Day One update on PS4 is version 1.02 specifically, so next should be the Mafia 3 1.03 patch or Title Update 1 depending on the format in which 2K plan to release.


What Mafia 3 fixes or improvements do want to see added to single-player mode in the next update? We’ll keep an eye on all the Mafia 3 version history across PS4, Xbox One and PC then keep you updated when new patches drop.

We will post the full Mafia 3 Day One 1.02 patch notes soon, so stay tuned for those.

Update: New patch live on PS4! Here’s what the developers have said on Twitter in relation to patch notes:

We will hopefully get the full breakdown soon for you, but in the meantime let us know what you have spotted yourself on PS4 since stability has been improved.

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  • NgTurbo

    New patch is live on PS4 guys! Version 1.03 should be out for everyone. Has your game improved?

    • LioN

      The only thing that I noticed is that now when I hit my car, the sound of the radio make a noise like bad signal LOL

      • Raimund Stein

        No, this is in version 1.02 too

  • NgTurbo

    Does anyone have their copy yet? We can confirm that there’s a big day one Mafia 3 patch and it is 2.6GB in size on PS4. We are expecting similar files for Xbox One and PC..