GTA 5 1.21, 1.37 live with patch notes excitement

By Alan Ng - Dec 13, 2016

Update: There had been heavy speculation that the GTA 5 December update was coming out on Tuesday December 13. Now we can confirm it is true and the update is now live on PS4 and Xbox One. Skip to the bottom of this article for the patch notes as soon as Rockstar release them.

Original article: With fans constantly asking when the next GTA 5 update is out, we now look ahead to what is coming next to GTA 5 version 1.21 and 1.37 Online after the Deadline Adversary mode which Rockstar introduced to GTA Online players recently with version 1.36.

Previous GTA updates: This was the GTA 5 1.20 update on PS4 and Xbox One specifically, but also the 1.36 GTA Online version since Rockstar also has a separate version for that mode across all platforms.


The developer has been known to release new GTA V DLC updates on either Tuesday or Thursday, so this is the page when you can check for an upcoming release and to check GTA V 1.21 and 1.37 Online patch notes as soon as they are live.

Keep checking this page for the patch notes and leave a comment below on your most requested features to keep GTA 5 relevant and keep you playing on the servers before the next GTA 5 update is out.

What should come in the next GTA Online update now that Deadline and the Nagasaki Shotaro has released?

Update: The Import Export DLC is now out for GTA 5. It is GTA 5 1.21 on console and GTA 1.37 Online versions specifically. The update should be around 1.5GB and it went live around 5.30am Eastern Time, 10.30am UK time which is Rockstar’s usual schedule.

We are waiting for the GTA 5 1.21 patch notes on PS4, Xbox One which will appear here on Rockstar support. It usually takes Rockstar a few minutes to upload the notes but they will definitely appear in the link above so keep checking.

What do you love about the new update? Let us know your thoughts below if you are downloading it!

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  • Sayko

    help? why tf is it 13 gbs?

  • Nick

    What’s in the new update?

  • Benji Davis

    It’s 13 gb for me

    • pjbaracus

      u might have missed some previous DLCs?

      • Benji Davis

        No i think it was just glitched. It was 1.6 gb in the end

  • NgTurbo

    Downloading 1.21 on PS4 now. It’s live on Xbox One too, 1.5GB. Have fun everyone!

  • NgTurbo

    What does everyone think of the new Nagasaki Shotaro and Deadline?

  • Angel Book

    File size 2.117 gigs

  • NgTurbo

    Biker DLC is live guys! Who’s downloading the new update? Stay tuned for patch notes..Rockstar is taking their time in putting the notes up..

  • NgTurbo

    So, GTA 5 updates have been pretty bare since July. Entourage released.. but what is coming next and what else can Rockstar do to keep gamers moving away?

    • Samuel Abaddon

      Much more clothing options, such as can have any pair of shoes you want with heist pants etc, add coloured joggers and body armour to the game instead of all the playstation glitcher being able to get them, xbox needs them to since we can’t get them. (small update) as for the larger update, im not sure.

  • charlie

    whats happened to the biker dlc that was supposed to be coming out this month??

  • NgTurbo

    1.19 now live on PS4!


      How can I find out what is in it

  • NgTurbo

    What does everyone wanna see in the next GTA 5 Online update? Should be version 1.19 on PS4 and Xbox One

  • NgTurbo

    Update file is huge!

    • DerOnkel

      how large?

      • NgTurbo

        should be around 1gb

        • Angel Book

          2.117 gigs

        • 86detroitbaby

          Well y mines say 12.222Gb!?

        • podboq

          It’s a bug, it says that before the file has finished getting ready for download.
          Once it starts downloading it’ll say 2.117 gb

      • Angel Book

        2 gigs

  • NgTurbo

    GTA V 1.18 update now live on PS4! Who’s downloading?

    • Jer Man

      Im on

  • Tommy

    Is the next update tomorrow?? looking forward to that finance update, got money to spend!!