Final Fantasy XV 1.02 Day One patch notes in full

By Alan Ng - Nov 28, 2016

After an unprecedented 10 years of development time, Final Fantasy XV is finally here. We never thought we would have to wait this long to see the game, but obviously it is extremely exciting for Final Fantasy fans now that the game is available.

We’ve set up this page so we can always give you a heads-up on any new Final Fantasy XV updates on PS4 and Xbox One as they arrive – first update will obviously be the Final Fantasy XV Day One update which should be version 1.02.

Final Fantasy XV features a massive open-world environment and as a result, there are going to be performance problems, as well as bugs and glitches spotted throughout the adventure.


As we bring you new FFXV patch notes on PS4 and Xbox One, we want you to help us in return by letting us know about any new bugs that you spot so that Square-Enix can be notified and work to fix them in future updates.

Keep checking back on this page and come back soon for the first round of official Final Fantasy XV 1.02 patch notes on PS4 and Xbox One.

Update: We are happy to say that the Day One update is live ahead of schedule and available to download for anyone with an early copy.

Here’s the Final Fantasy XV 1.02 update notes with a full changelog – note some very important changes such as being able to shift warp whilst not in battle!



Correct us if we are wrong, but didn’t Square-Enix say that the last delay to the game was to ensure that there wouldn’t be a big Day One patch to install? We are seeing an 8GB download, are you?

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  • Heolstor Illumina

    No one had the kingsglaive / omen trailer event scenes due to the fact they exceeded disc space. Most of this patch file size is due to additional content.The fixes and adjustsments were added in to one huge patch file to save from having to later DL a larger update if on ever occurs. So the delay promise was met. There isnt a HUGE day one patch. Its a huge added content along with some adjustsments.

  • Abdullah Al-Qallaf

    In my country we had the game before the release date and all the things in the notes are there before the day one patch update they just add one thing the ( wait mode ability) @_@

  • NgTurbo

    Square-Enix had a Day One patch in store after all guys. Added the first 1.02 notes above, tons of interesting changes. Leviathan boss battle changes?? Wonder what that’s about.