FIFA 17 Halloween cards excitement

By Alan Ng - Oct 19, 2016

FIFA 17 players could be set for a very exciting week in Ultimate Team, with strong rumors suggesting that EA will host a FIFA 17 Halloween event and offer up some scary new Halloween FUT 17 cards.

Although the developer is yet to go public on their plans, it is highly likely that we will see some sort of event. We know this as EA has already revealed the Halloween event for FIFA Mobile and the two games are closely connected to each other when it comes to Ultimate Team.

You can read in depth about the FIFA Mobile Halloween event here and take a look at the special cards on offer below – including rare versions of Diego Costa, Jamie Vardy, Fellaini, Pepe, Chiellini and many more.

EA are calling it the FIFA Scream Team for Halloween and will the same event be coming to FIFA 17 on console? Take a look at the Tweet shared by community player Bateson87 recently showing a new type of Halloween card for FIFA 17 that EA may introduce in the coming days.


Let’s hope that EA has a nice treat up their sleeve as we can only guess that it could be the reason why TOTW 5 previews were delayed this week.

Do you want to see a FIFA 17 Halloween event? We’ll update this article once official details are in but for now, leave your thoughts below with what ideas you have for Halloween!

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