Fallout 4 1.15, 2.0 update to keep game alive

By Alan Ng - Apr 4, 2017

We now look ahead to the next Fallout 4 update on PS4 and Xbox One, which should be the 1.15 update. Fallout 4 feels like it has been around for a long time now and with mods finally available on all consoles, we want to know what the next Fallout 4 update should add to keep the game alive if Bethesda plans to keep support coming.

Current version history for Fallout 4: 1.14 is now live on consoles, which is the 1.9 patch in general terms for all platforms adding PS4 Pro support and support for the High Resolution Texture Pack on PC.

Next Fallout 4 update: That means next up is 1.15 on PS4 and Xbox One, and Fallout 4 patch 2.0 for PC. As usual, Bethesda will be releasing the Fallout 4 2.0 beta update on Steam for PC first, followed by a public release and then once that is out – PS4 and Xbox One updates usually follow one week later.


Some players have said their game is still having performance issues on 1.9 / 1.14 so we want you to list your personal changes for what you want to see fixed in time for the next update?

Once Bethesda release official details on the next patch, we will update this article and keep you in the loop so keep checking this article for news as they come in.

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  • I played Fallout 4 for the last two months, relishing every moment. I still haven’t completed the game. After a lot of though I decided to help the Railroad get the synths out of the institute.
    Just yesterday I encountered the Desdemona Underground Undercover bug.
    Bethesda lied when they said it was fixed with the update – my entire game is now broken, and I’ll be left with an unsatisfying fudge of my own if I want to muddle through to the end, but any way I’ll have to side with factions I don’t like. It’s ruined the game for me.

  • 88Fanguy

    And once again they didn’t fix the bugs that I have previously listed. Why is that? Is it some kind of a taboo to fix bugs and glitches that really annoy the players?

  • Harry

    downloading 1.14 now, 461.0mb on my PS4 Pro!!

  • NgTurbo

    1.14 is now live guys, updated information above.

  • Gregory

    What day this week???

  • Robin Doran

    Sounds awesome, just add PSVR compatibility and I will be enthralled forever more. Thanks!

  • 88Fanguy

    Again, these bugs need to be fixed: all bugs on level 4 vendors, shipbreaker bugs, all bugs on Tina De Luca, happiness dropping on settlements for no reason.

    And make the inaccessible room in Fort Strong accessible.

  • Simon

    No bug fixes?

  • DominicT

    What about for PS4, what do we get??

  • Christian

    58gb on PC that is crazy! This texture pack better be good.

  • 88Fanguy

    How about if they finally fix all the bugs on level 4 vendors and happiness dropping randomly for no reason in settlements? And they could also make the inaccessible room in Fort Strong accessible.

    The shipbreaker quest also has bugs so those should be fixed as well. And Tina De Luca bugs.

  • NgTurbo

    And mods are live on PS4! Fallout 4 1.12 should now be up for download guys. Patch notes are above and relate to all platforms. Enjoy!

  • NgTurbo

    1.8 is finally live on PC guys! Added the patch notes above. Should be similar for PS4 and Xbox One when 1.11 is out. It also brings mods to PS4 at last.


    The perception bug issue is a game breaker especially for sniper classes… randomly got -1perception iv tried stinpacks doctors and drinks and food but nothing has work thus far

    • Nikola Fontaine

      I just started playing the game, it’s been awhile since it’s come out too, so I’m appalled Bethesda hasn’t taken the time to fix what seems like a simple bug. For me it’s the same as you, I think I had baseline 4 perception, may have increased it somehow, but anyway something happened and now it’s (-1). Pretty disappointing.

    • matt

      Me too, just restarted a game due to this bug, really frustrating that Bethesda continues to fail at such a simple and obvious task while fixing a million little things nobody even cares about

  • pickaboo

    How about the faneuil hall infinite loading time when entered?

  • Thomas Fitzgerald

    Still waiting for bethesda to fix the mechanist lair fight bug.

  • Mr. Furious

    I’ve been fortunate to avoid major issues; I’ve had a few crashes here and there, but nothing life-altering.

    The big issue that I have that I’m hoping 1.10 fixes is the faulty settlement readings that other folks have mentioned. What I find happens is that it will misreport the number of people; for example, it will say Sunshine Tidings Co-Op has 45 people, which knocks their happiness down to 45% or so because I don’t have 45 beds there (why would I when I only have 26 actual settlers there?). When I fast travel there, though, it accurately reports the number of settlers but the happiness is still in the toilet. This happens with several settlements.

    The main impact is that the stores that I have in those settlements don’t produce nearly the caps they should because the happiness is so low.

    • Tripz

      That’s strange, the patch actually fixed that for me in all my settlements. I also got rid of all my jukeboxs if that makes a difference.

      • Mr. Furious

        I haven’t played much since the patch came out because of real-world commitments, but a quick survey looks clean, so hopefully that will continue.

        If it doesn’t, I’ll definitely try the jukebox thing. Sometimes it’s the strangest things that bug, like power armor causing weird quest interaction behavior.

        • Mr. Furious

          And tonight, Abernathy Farm falsely reported 40 people instead of 20. *sigh*

  • NgTurbo

    Anyone still having issues on 1.10 after the quick patch by Bethesda? Be interesting to see what 1.11 brings next..since it seems a lot of you are still having quest issues on Nuka World.

    • Michael Wellman

      Even a Moderator understands the struggle!!

  • Dan Goodfellow

    I have an issue when I crouch on PS4. Every time I do this, the weapon I am holding disappears for about 1 second, and then reappears – until I crouch again! Please fix this

  • Dale Adler

    You can craft armor into the greaser jacket and jeans with ballistic weave but you cannot do the same with zekes jacket even though it’s basically a glorified greaser jacket and jeans. They need to add the option to craft zekes jacket with ballistic weave

  • Dale Adler

    When you get close to fanuil Hall, parts by diamond city and built up areas the game major lags. Some caravan guards that travel with Lucas miller, cricket etc wear armor but no clothing at all underneath. Buildings in hangman’s alley by where the original large guard post was has gaps in them and you can see the sky through what is meant to be a brick wall. Containers you create in workshop mode that you store weapons in to keep for yourself can be raided by settlers and so they take your rare weapons and waste your rare ammo like the alien blaster, even if you put the box completely out of reach and surrounded by a wall

    • matt

      I find these visual bugs and container bugs to not be a problem, i keep important stuff in the workshop rather than in containers, i think visuals pale in comparison to bugs that affect stats and gameplay like that perception bug, its crazy though, looking at your post you probably just named them off the top of your head, love bethesda but the bugs drive me nutso sometimes.

  • Michael Wellman

    Still can’t proceed with the Nuka-World’s main quest line. I dare anyone to try and top that issue (lack of PS4 mods aside)

    • Alex Alperovich

      same here. i think it glitched when i dismissed him from helping me at one point. the game acted funny, and i kept playing instead of reloading from a previous save

  • After all this time the Trouble Brewin’ quest is still stuck for me (PS4). He is in his original basement room walking around talking about the weather, not offering a drink and not going to the hotel. It just won’t advance.

  • Jake

    How about ps4 mods
    Fallout 4

  • ian143

    How about the game breaking glitch to warn Desdemona before the Institute attacks them if youdecide not to side with the institute…total fail, fix this. I don’t test for free, this should have been fixed months ago.

  • Michael Jones

    If they could fix Emogene takes a lover quest that’d be peachy keen!

  • Chris

    All my laser weapons when they shoot the texture is not there so its just a red square instead of a beam

  • Rafael Pacheco

    Hello bethesda i am a big fan of your games i love fallout 4 i have spend over 350 hours in the game and i still have places to be discover and maybe more quests. So i would like you to fix the companion quest Cait. I cannot start the quest i ave tried everything that the internet shows and still nothing i am since May trying to find a solucion but no luck i hope you fix this quest thank you.
    By the way i play fallout on ps4

  • Justin Arroyo

    There’s a glitch where if you moved any main or major characters from a settlement, killed them, or moved them and then lost the settlement due to not keeping up with there needs, once you try to take over that settlement for your raider gang whether force them to supply or take over the settlement, after killing or crippling everyone there will be a random red marker on the map that says there is an enemy but its pointing to the ground. It has happened with Abernathy farm, sanctuary hills, finch farm and a few others.

  • yrightnow

    Dear developers,

    Please take the time to read this, because this could help us all.
    I still have some kind of glitches, bugs, and game breaking problems in fallout 4 on Ps4. I thought the previous updates would fix them but they don’t. I have a few problems that i really must tell you:
    1. In all sorts of moment the characters spawning out of nowhere in all kind of places; on buildings, through objects, through other characters, etc. sometimes a character disappears while they stand in front of me, and than they spawning somewhere else in the settlement or place. The characters are very often stuck in the ground or in an object. Than they fall through that object or stay stucked. I saw this thing also happens to other fallout 4 gamers on YouTube. Sometimes it makes quest unable to complete or it’s unable too kill an enemy. Reloading a save file doesn’t help.
    2. If a characters in the game stands in my way, I can’t push them a little out of the way from me so I can pass them. (In Fallout 3 you can do so).
    3. Mostly my characters don’t listen so well to my commands.
    4. When I walk on a mine or trap it goes off or it explodes, but when I reload a safe file trying to pickup the mine or disarm the trap it is disappeared.
    5. I can’t enter vault 111 anymore to pick up the crylator.
    6. If i pick a mutfruit from a plant there also be picked a mutfruit from a plant next to it and than it isn’t stored into my pip boy or workbench.
    There may some other glitches that I didn’t discover yet, but my question is: will this glitches/bugs be fixed when there will come a new update?
    Will there be coming a new update soon? My fellow gamers and me will be really thankful if you reply to this message and when these problems are fixed. We are a huge fan of your company and games, but these problems must be fixed of course.
    I also have some kind of tips that bethesda may can bring into fallout 4 with a update. First of i tell the kind of problems and than how they might be could fixed if you agree with me:
    1. sometimes dog meat or other companions are hard to find cause he’s searching for enemies, than you trying to look all the way round with the and still can’t find him. Maybe this could be fixed with an update that your player can bring in some sort of whistle or someting like that to let the companion showing up.
    2. Sometimes the characters enter your builded building in your settlement. It would be verry cool if you can lock and unlock your own doors in your settlement so that no one can enter your building.
    (I may discover more tips but than i will let it know.)


  • Droid4LifeDawg

    There is a glitch with the Nuka-Cola Recipes, two of them Nuka Cooler and Nuka Fruti are nowhere to be found.

  • Tomas Ericson

    One thing? How about fixing Nuka World crashing all the time. It crashes every other time I change scenery from one big outdoors area to another.

  • Kenan

    When I try to start the game after I updated the game with the latest patch 1.10…the error code CE-34878-0 keeps coming up…anyone else experience the same problem?

  • Bronan the Brobarian

    I would like to see them fix the bugs with settlements, particularly when the Pipboy Data>Workshop screen showing faulty readings. Abernathy Farm has 12 people but only has 8 water?? Fast-travel to settlement and they have 15 water. This is frustrating if you’re trying to keep a settlement happy.

  • Sarah Matthews

    How large is this update? I have about 33GB left on my PS4, but the update won’t install because I apparently don’t have enough space.

    • tertoly


      • Sarah Matthews

        Thanks! It makes no sense why it won’t install then.

        • tertoly

          Good to hear that

  • Mark Wilson

    Yeah mods for ps4 isn’t in the notes

  • GreenRedneck33

    Bethesda needs to make it so you can start a new game with a previous player that way you can enjoy the whole game at a higher level

  • Larry the bug catcher

    Still haven’t fixed vault 81 entry and fire support mission he still says check your fire we got hostiles.

  • NgTurbo

    Fallout 4 1.10 update is live! Added the patch notes above.. still can’t believe Sony won’t allow mods on PS4 though.. advantage to Xbox big time.

    • Dave Kunkle

      I know I own a ps4 and love this game and the fact I can’t do what everyone else can do makes me wanna chuck my console off the roof

    • Michael Wellman

      Well now……..Guess that explains all of the so-called “delays” we were having regarding the the mods for PS4.

  • Ugfraz

    Shop keepers dying with no explanation… Like Alexis combs in vault 81… She died in survival mode an there was no save to load back too…. On ps4 so no console commands… Hey… Console commands for ps4 version?

  • Xemnes NightWolf

    There are a lot of bugs that I’d like to see fixed. One is the constant crashing when you are building walls houses etc for a settlement, another is a few quests such as the one with the huboligists the robots were sometimes hidden to where you couldn’t kill them, another is the quest where you fight in the arena as the overboss and you have to fast travel back to nuka town sometimes to get the quest to activate

  • Sean

    Nuka worlds settlement bug in which u cant kill self placed turrets or settlers becoming inanimate objects. E.G pipe rifle

  • NgTurbo

    Everyone enjoying Nuka World? What should Bethesda add next for the 1.10 update on PS4, XB1? 1.8 for PC?

  • StraightOuttaEnglewood

    Is anyone else still upset that sentry bot legs wont fit through a door? I mean what do you expect right? But geez, the amount of time scavenging and plopping in and out rooms and buildings makes it nearly useless to have my robolina with me. Oh well, ill stick with Cait.

    • think about it

      It’s just all about choices. If you want a robot with more carry weight, is lessential mobile. To get more agility from your robot it had less carrthan weight.
      For myself I ended up leveling up the lone wonderer perk. It increases you own carry weight up to 100lbs more. Now I know that’s not as much as worth the sentry bots “legs” but then you can have dog meat who can carry some stuff for you as well.
      But ultimately if you want sentry legs he’s only good for in the wide open. Good luck my friend

      • That’s what I’m doing now, gotta get some armor for dog meat and the lone wanderer perk. Should be a little easier to sneak now that I don’t have a huge robot running around.

        • think about it

          Dog meat does not need armor. He won’t take less damage because of it. Dog meat doesn’t die. But you can level up his perk for added benefits.

    • Dude I’m so pissed off as well, they broke the game. Ada disappeared a few days ago and even after trying everything I can’t find her. It blows, she was super badass with maxed out armor, robo brain head, Gatling gun and missle launcher. I miss her so.

  • RugeR

    What about the battle music glitch? Battle music never stops looping…

    • think about it

      I turned my music all the way down in settings

  • Sage Moody

    On a pretty game breaking Automatron bug. Stuck in the Mechanist’s lair and he keeps dropping traps. Can’t go to previous save without losing a ton of playing time. Hoping they’re going to fix it.

  • Brandon

    I kind of wish they would give us ammo variants like in Fallout New Vegas but maybe that’s just me.

    • Dave Kunkle

      Nope I miss my coin shot

  • Julian Delgadillo

    I’d sure like to see the drug den glitch fixed where you go to clear it and it doesn’t advance the mission. I’m stuck at on the railroad story line, I can’t move past it because of this stupid glitch. There isn’t even a map marker for the location! Cmon guys!

  • byrd

    Anybody know if ship wrecker glitched misson was fixed?

  • Jacob

    Issues on the dig mission. “Activate Fragile wall” not working

    • Same here, never got fixed. Missed out on an incendiary minigun and some nice loot as well. Shame.

  • Donald James Cole

    What about the bugs that is on the different shop keepers when you send them to your settlement they agree to go but never show up but they are still listed in your population count

    • Tommy

      Have you tried building a bell and ringing it?

  • justbill1931

    Does anyone know if the Perception bug got fixed. I’m still downloading and the “Get shot in the head again” trick did not work for me.

    • BluntMan

      Just about to find out if it’s corrected. Sure hope so.

    • BluntMan

      Nope… god damn it.

  • steve wotton

    Have they fixed the settlements where the settlers unassign themselves from everything. …i say you reap corn, you reap corn, i say you sell guns, yep; you sell guns….i say you perform extensive facial reconstruction after planting tatos…uuhhhm ok, i get it, you’re on strike

    • Larry the bug catcher

      I usually draw them out and shoot them when that happens and just get a new one no even knows…

  • Phillip Staffe

    What about PS4 mod support!?

    • Game Master Society

      I’ve pretty much accepted that PS4 isn’t getting them at this point, and it’s most likely because Sony doesn’t like the idea of mods, especially when they could be used to hack their precious PS4.

      • John Michael Hunter

        The mods cant be used to hack ps4. we cant just use any mods like on a ps3. the mods come from bethesdas websites and only created with the software bethesda give us to make our mods on pc. the only issue is that ps4 dont give us the memory required to hold the mods. i cant quite remember whats its called or how to phrase it. but xbox have more memory on there console to hold stuff like tyhis. thats why we dont have it

        • Game Master Society

          If a mod can access the file system on a ps4 (like saving your game), then it can be used to hack the system.

    • Dave Kunkle

      I am with you I am done with sony

  • Deadaimhavck

    one of patch note are for downloading mods. we dont even have mod support yet!

  • Joe Blow

    STILL can’t kill Marcy Long!

    • justbill1931

      Agree! She needs to die! You can’t even send her away to left field.

      • Richie

        Just put her in one of those prison things that contraptions gave us

        • Dave Kunkle

          Lol that’s a great idea I was wondering who to out in a pillory

  • NgTurbo

    Anyone else downloading 1.09? Seeing a 2GB install! Patch notes are coming up

    • NgTurbo

      Patch notes added above

    • Clayton Powers

      Yup update file size for PS4 shows as 2.417GB which is bigger than some of the DLC for heavens sake. One hopes this is because they are setting up the final backend stuff for Mods to finally arrive on the PS4 but tbh i’ll believe that when I see it ( I resigned myself to the fact Nuka World wld probably arrive before Mods did)

      • think about it

        Hopefully 2 plus gb upate is because Nuka-world is gonna be huge. ???

      • Dave Kunkle

        Update no mods for ps4 frownie face emoji

  • M

    The indexers in Far Harbor are the worst. AI has them just sitting there when there is a clear path infront of them.

  • I’m mexican and

    Preston won’t shut up about me blowing up the institute

    • Daniel Wight

      maybe he’s part Synth, and when you destroyed the Institute, the processor in his brain got fried, and all he can think of is the institute now.

  • The Unicorn Narwhal

    I’m just hoping codsworth can now say narwhal.

  • Robert Griffin

    What about the IDIOT SAVANT bug??? Ya know, the one that makes it not work after getting the third perk point? Way too many times have I seen Idiot Savant trigger when finishing a quest to either get 1x experience or 0x experience… This bug renders three perk points useless and wasted. =[

  • Daniel Hellström

    How about the damn happiness bug. It sucks when the settlement goes from 96% to below 80 just because i want to leave and play for a while

    • Dave Kunkle

      That drives me nuts had 100 happiness at my vault left came back and it was at 80 wtf

  • Connor

    Did they fix underground undercover bug where Desdemona keeps saying “I’m busy”

  • Irate Completionist

    When will Bethesda allow Preston to be my companion again? I am post game Railroad, and I don’t care that I didn’t do the Minute Man ending. The threats of both the Institute and Brotherhood have passed, but no. No Preston ally. No perk. Just some guy, walking around Sanctuary with his laser musket up his ass.

  • Jonathan Turner

    I just hope they fixed all the issues with Automatron. I had an amazing Automatron and he completely disappeared from the game when I took him into the mechanist’s lair. He is not even listed in my robot workbench. This is one of many problems with this DLC.

    • Eddie Smith

      they can die you know

      • Dave Kunkle

        You can repair them with robot repair kits it’s a bug that is not fixed the robot is to big for the doors

    • Gaeron

      Same here I made the most destructive robot you could and it was so big it couldn’t even fit through a door and it just disappeared

  • Joshua Brennan

    When are mods coming to the PlayStation 4 console, also what is the release date for the vault tec workshop

    • Chris Swanson

      Mods: Not for at least the next millennia
      VTW: July 26th

  • Griffin

    Please tell me they fixed the elevator button bug…

  • Grant

    Anyone else crashing on fast travel after update

    • Grant

      Ok so its only crashing when trying to go to diamond city, and I tried walking there but it didn’t show up on the compass either, upon trying to enter on foot it crashed again.

  • How about you finally fix the damn Brotherhood quest bugs? You know, the one’s that make a whole quest line unplayable??

    • mo

      omg i know, if thats not fixed then i bethesda is legit retarded

  • Harrison Ryke

    The slog mission where you have to clear the Faneuil Hall to unlock the settlement cannot be completed for me. Maybe an enemy is stuck in a wall? Enemy didn’t spawn? Other? Please help.

  • Brendan Slocomb

    Bethesda!! There is a glitch if you get to the tactical thinking quest with BOS (If you enter the dialogue with lance and agree, you are enemies with the railroad) However, if you do not speak to lance you will not have the railroad be your enemy. The bug/glitch is if you try to talk to PAM while tactical thinking is active in its first phase, not talking to lance,(as Said above) she will be in a lockdown mode. Never able to complete her quests :(. I am unable to turn in the quest I need for ballistic weave. It is very irritating since I am on ps4 and I thought the next update would fix this. PLEASE FIX THIS!!

  • Dennis Suhr

    is the robot workshop xp glitch fixed couse i’m trying it and can’t seem to get it to work on the ps 4 no more ….oh well back to playing non cheaply I guess

  • I want mods


  • Jane Doe

    Nice to see the Diamond City guards have their helmets back on, but I don’t understand why I’m seeing little deathclaw head icons on some of my workshop items now.

    • The Wonder Above

      The deathclaw head means the item was added with the wasteland workshop dlc

      • Jane Doe

        Ahh, that makes sense. I noticed the boats last night and thought they might be for Far Harbor stuff but the deathclaw head didn’t really click for me.

  • Shawn Delaney

    :( was excited for mods. But guess not

  • NgTurbo

    1.08 update is now live on PS4, patch notes added above!

  • Tyson “jeffhardy3601” Miller

    Please fix the bug in the mission Underground Undercover where I can’t warn Desdemona about the Brotherhood of Steel. In my playthough, Glory is dead.

  • Keegan

    Can you please give more people dialogue options? I HATE it when I want to talk to somebody and they say something random and walk off. I don’t know if it’s just me, but please
    try to help.

  • Ryan Bridges

    On ps4 I still can’t build torrents to be able to beat any of the Dimas memory puzzles. I figured the 1.07 update would have fixed it but no.

  • Ron

    I haven’t touch the game in 3 months and I come back to the frame rate in the cities being worse then before wtf

  • Saryta Rodriguez

    I know someone already mentioned it but I need to complain some more about the Desdemona Bug. I have NO IDEA whether Glory is dead or alive in my game, and frankly, it shouldn’t matter. There’s no point in doing any Railroad missions if ultimately you won’t be able to finish the game with that faction. I already played with the Minutemen who I like but whose ending is boring, and I hate both the Brotherhood and the Institute, so what this has meant for me is that I had to quit playing a game I very much enjoyed and never got a proper ending for one of the best characters I’ve ever created. And no, I have neither the time nor the patience to start all over and hold Glory’s hand the entire time. Will Bethesda EVER release a big patch in which you can finish the quest line independent of Glory or anyone else? In which when you go speak to Desdemona you can actually do so and she doesn’t just say random sh*t to you every time?

    • Gage

      You can finish with railroad idiot

    • disqus_cdE1bn5ZTx

      Sounds like you’ve been doing some dupe glitches.

      I found that on my test save that I do all dupes and glitches that not only will my settlers glitch up (won’t assign to tasks, won’t show correct numbers on pip boy, ect.) but also lots of other stuff was bugged including that quest. Also made a survival save and after a few days water and food would no longer restore my starvation and dehydration.

      After going back to a NON-duped game I found that the Desdemona quest WITH GORY DEAD was not bugged. Settlers would easily be assigned to crops or defense posts or even beds again, and yes in a new survival save I have NEVER had water or food not heal my dehydration/starvation.

      I noticed AFTER dogmeat dupes (ones that would dupe the special book and shipments of X items were patched) that the workshop dupes or dogmeat ITEM dupes (fusion cores) would cause my save files to jump from around 10MB’s to around 90-100MB’s.

      This are the save files that ALWAYS end up with the game breaking bugs like starvation death or quest ending bugs.

      Of course it could be something else in the bethesda bug feast known as fallout 4, as I have experienced many many other bugs in pure vanilla and NO cheats, NO ammo cheats with venders (obviously before patch), NO dupes, NOTHING.

      So it could just be yet another random issue with lazy-ass bethesda and their bug filled games.

      They don’t mind taking the money, but don’t want to give back a quality product and no-one, not the consumers, not the console makers, not even the government is holding them accountable.

  • Liam

    In the Far Harbour DLC, the mission “Best Left Forgotten” has a bug where you can’t move or place either the blocks you need or you don’t start out with any turrets to defend your indexers. This prevents the mission from being completed.

    • Bram Hoogendoorn

      I have the bug in that mission that the progress at the 3rd Memory is struck at 80% even though all ‘radroaches’ reached their destination :/

      • DR. Q

        I’m still stuck on memory 1 and I only have 20% there because of this.

      • Clinton2003

        Reload a save from before the mission start. only way i could fix mine. (had same issue)

  • Petrav Zakryte

    PS4 Far Harbor still has very noticeable frame-rate issues when the pockets of fog that cause radiation are within my field of vision in first-person. Truly affects gameplay for me, as enemies are often encountered in this fog.

    • Ruby Price

      You can re-download the DLC with the fps issue resolved. Just download it again and it will overwrite it. Your saves are safe also.

  • Tommy Conrad

    The frames on PS4 version of Far Harbor dlc are horrendous if I gave a guessemation I have ~15-19 fps when exploring the fog. Its the main reason I haven’t gotten into the dlc that much.

    • Eddie Smith

      There’s an updated version of the dlc which is much better

  • BobbTheBeast

    The quest Underground undercover is major glitched with the end of the rail road quest. Uu asks me to continue working with father while end of rail road asks me to either kill desdemona or warn her. I warn her and then nothing. My days as an active field agent have been reduced to only side quests, on that character. Also sometimes when I’m in my arena at sanctuary and at other times my gun and controls stop working and I’m just floating around til I die or reload the game. Please do something! Haha

    • Stanislaus Doyle

      The Underground Undercover glitch is possibly due to Glory getting killed previously, she plays a pivotal role in the last mission. If she didn’t die during the mission where you go into the subway with the synths and raiders then its likely she is stuck somewhere between there and the Railroad. If she is alive and kicking then yeah, you have a problem. Also, if she is dead, you can’t progress any further.

      • Saryta Rodriguez

        I’ve heard this before and I think it’s totally unfair to players. We cannot ensure she survives– even if we have the advantage of knowing this *before* we embark on a Railroad life, and even if she doesn’t die during the subway mission, she can still die while you’re off doing other things. This to me is not part of the story but a game-wrecking bug.

  • Jason Forehand

    Read somewhere i need to re-download Far Harbor DLC as part of this update. I haven’t really noticed any issues but then again i love the glitches. To me, they are funny.

  • Switch HoodFreshWave

    I love this game and at the same time it’s driving me nuts. The quests are so goddamn buggy I’ve got at least 3 failed or incomplete. Drinking Buddy got killed on the way, now the marker shows him floating in the water off the east coast and is still showing as an incomplete quest. The guy who is supposed to buy tools from you in Vault 81 showed up the one time and is now MIA. Currie keeps going to Vault 81 whenever I try and send her to a settlement. The Greenskins quest is glitched, I can’t report to Roger Warwick, it only allows me to trade. There’s quite a few spots when I go passed, the game completely crashes. I could go on and on. So in answer to the question; “What would I like to see in the next update?” I’d like to see a gaming company who would rather fix the issues with the initial game before deciding to pump out additional content that’s riddled with just as many bugs.

    • Salt

      What platform are you playing on? Mods installed? I play on PS4 and have had absolutely no quest issues, very few bugs, etc. Easily the most stable Bethesda game I have played. In fact I had more issues with The Witcher 3 than Fallout 4 by a wide margin.

      • Switch HoodFreshWave

        Really?? I’m also on PS4 and have had more issues with Fallout than The Witcher 3 and ESO combined although I’ve had my fair share of issues with ESO as well.

      • Darren

        I’m playing on PS4, and while I occasionally have small bugs like when I come out of a terminal, most buttons become unresponsive (untill I jump), and things like that, i’ve only had two quest issues thus far. The god damn silver shroud radio won’t give me the quest OR let me dump the outfit, and the guy at warwick farm is just floating underwater in his own water tank refusing to talk to me.

      • disqus_cdE1bn5ZTx

        I think a lot of these people have used dupe glitches to build up their settlements, that has been what has caused most of my bugs/glitches in the game.

        If your save file is over 10MB’s in size and more around 90MB’s in size you have self-bugged your game from duping items from the workshop.

  • Patrick Caraway

    The performance got worse after 1.07. It skips. It still kicks me off with an error message constantly

  • Caleb Moss

    Also I’ve had a lot of trouble switching companions. Every time I try I get stuck looking at my character sway back and forth

  • Caleb Moss

    When can ps4 users expect to get console mods

    • disqus_cdE1bn5ZTx

      July 2018

  • Xavier Genki

    There is only one bug: the butchery of the Gamebryo Engine they call the Creation Engine. I call it the Lag Creation Engine, been that way since FONV

  • BlazenDa Gamer

    I’m still experiencing some lag on far harbor an do ya know when mods will be available for the ps4

  • BoomingEchoes

    Annnd no notes on any bug fixes for the countless bugs that still plague major parts of the base game. Awesome. Let’s hope the mods they’re setting up for allow for a console command mod, or something. That’s the only way the games going to actually get fixed at this point.

  • GSreaperwolf72

    Mods or nah?
    (PS4 version)

    • Darren

      No mods (yet)

  • Captain SumTingWong

    Come on hey its starlord said ps4 mods sometime this week let’s hope he is right

  • Gregory Rodriguez

    Is the Kellogg glitch fixed?

    • Getting-gory

      Is dogmeat getting stuck behind random objects when showing you the way to Kellogg? I had to load a previous save, and restart the quest due to this. Just don’t leave dogmeat once you start the quest, for me it happened when I fast travelled away to do caite’s clean room quest, and came back to find dogmeat stuck behind a bin/fence in diamond city.

      • Gregory Rodriguez

        The Kellogg glitch I am referring too renames all bots built by the player ‘Automatron’ and no longer allows the player to give personal names to any robot built previously or new. In effect, you can build new bots, but cannot name them. The glitch also affects some PC players from what I have read on Reddit.

  • Apedroid

    Ps4 mods already… cheeses crist

    • BoomingEchoes

      Already? The games been out for coming up on 7 months, mods really should have been released months ago.

  • Kelvin

    Mechanist Device Glitch Stiil A Problem?

  • Chris

    All these fixes for mods when we don’t even have mods -_-

    • Tyler Fulk

      For Real!

    • Sithalo

      from what i can see thats because its a patch for ps4 xbox and pc. xbox has mods so the patch has some mod support in it which should also help for when ps4 gets mods.

  • Jason Forehand

    Just downloaded the 1.07 on PS4. No issues to report

    • BrotherhoodOfSteel

      Is the frame rate fixed?

      • Jason Forehand

        So far 👍