Battlefield 1 Day One, 1.02 patch notes on PS4, XB1, PC

By Alan Ng - Oct 4, 2016

This is the page where you can come to check all of the latest Battlefield 1 update version history. We are expecting DICE to release a huge Battlefield 1 Day One update which could be version 1.02 on PS4 and Xbox One after DICE already released BF1 1.01 during beta testing.

We’ll do our best to post any Battlefield 1 patch notes when DICE release them so you can keep checking back at this page whenever you see a new BF1 update on PS4, Xbox One or PC today or Title Update.

It’s also no secret that many gamers will receive their copy of Battlefield 1 days before the official street date of October 21, meaning that we should get a heads-up on the BF1 Day One patch notes very soon.


Battlefield 1 features amazing intense and unscripted gameplay at all times, but with this often means that there are going to be plenty of bugs for DICE to fix after launch.

Let us know your Battlefield 1 feature wishlist after launch and come back here for the first batch of patch notes soon.

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