Battlefield 1 1.06 for next major update

By Alan Ng - Jan 18, 2017

This is the page where you can come to check all of the latest Battlefield 1 update version history across all platforms. The next scheduled Battlefield 1 update should be version 1.06 on PS4 and Xbox One after DICE already released BF1 1.05 on December 12 with Giant’s Shadow.

We’ll do our best to post any Battlefield 1 patch notes when DICE release them so you can keep checking back at this page whenever you see a new BF1 update on PS4, Xbox One or PC today or Title Update.

For those that have been playing from Day One, what would you say is the biggest priority that DICE needs to fix before anything else in the next BF1 update?


Battlefield 1 features amazing intense and unscripted gameplay at all times, but with this it often means that there are going to be plenty of bugs for DICE to fix after launch – that’s of course you can play frequently given that there has been lots of Battlefield 1 server maintenance and suspected DDOS attacks against EA.

Let us know your Battlefield 1 feature wishlist after launch and come back here for the next batch of BF1 1.06 patch notes for PS4, Xbox One and PC soon.

Patch notes are usually delivered to the official forums several hours after going live, hang on tight and we’ll deliver them here for you asap.

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  • NgTurbo

    Looks like 1.06 is coming out early February as the next major update. What does everyone want to see next?

  • wake up

    hardcore is now 125% damage?

  • NgTurbo

    Guys, the update is live! 1.05 should be up for download anyone got it?

    • Brn

      Downloading it here.. 3.9gb on ps4

    • Brn

      Sorry.. 3.69gb

  • DrunkSuperman

    still wish Hardcore would get icons over teammates head way too much team killing happening

  • håkan

    drop EA and Battlefield will work as it should !!!!!!!

  • NgTurbo

    Patch notes are now live from DICE, hit the link for the full list!

  • Erwan

    1,971 Go for me

  • Acrofilo

    Just finished downloading 1.04 and was able to load into Suez map and it has new bases available! I had to quit though since I was the only one in the server. Looking forward to the patch notes.

    • NgTurbo

      Yeah, servers are empty for me too Acrofilo. What was your file size?

  • NgTurbo

    Guys, a new Battlefield 1 update is going live at any moment! DICE has confirmed it over on the forums, the link above will contain the patch notes soon. Let us know when you are downloading and what sizes

    • NgTurbo

      Corrected article above as it’s actually version 1.04, not 1.03… DICE skipped ahead with a version! I’m seeing size around 1.9GB! Anyone else confirm?

      • pentashurikens

        Update is around 2GB, is for me at least

  • Ultrasneaky

    I was hoping for Hardcore mode but okay. GG Dice nice way to keep us playing crappy normal mode meh!

    • Philip Sousie

      Aw so sorry you have to wait while they fix launch issues. Boo hoo so sad man! Suck it up and play the damn game.

  • Marcus Gameplay

    No Problem 2,418GB 3 Min nice.
    But what does the update do ???

  • Coveycom

    1.02 update is 2.418 GB on PS4

    • SomebodyOncetoldme333

      Yeah I just got it too. Why so big?

      • Coveycom

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the game but you can’t help seeing a number of bugs that need fixing.

  • Jake

    I’m just wondering for the future update if there would be more camos for the guns

    • Sean

      No just bug fixes for now

    • Skilled Demon

      I think that it will be because when u go and open battlepacks u see all the camos that u can get it says revision 1 so maybe every 2 weeks camos are going to change like a rotation thing

  • Sean

    God damn it i was just whooping ass in a game of operations on offence and we may have actually won a game for operations on offence for a change because the defender bias is insane to a point where the game wants you to push through 2 or 3 maps with 3 battalions and you end up having 1 battalion to take an entire map! Ugh and then the servers went out and i get this ARGHHH! now i can’t play tonight because the internet in Aus is so bad it takes 3 or four hours for 2 gb :(((((. Oh well glad dice are on the ball with these patches for once

    • NgTurbo

      The 2GB may be a bug Sean. Think it was around 700mb only on PC.

      • Sean

        maybe they added some extra patches and bug fixes for ps4 and xbox one the first patch was 2 gb as well so this is no surprise

    • James Cowley

      I know our internet in Australia isn’t great but where do u live and what internet you got because I just done the update on two console in 30 mins

      • Sean

        Townsville in suburbia dude, Telstra. Damn like 1mb every 2 seconds

        • Rex

          Brisbane city. Adsl 2. 90 minutes.

        • James Cowley

          That sucks

    • Daniel

      I know the feeling..takes mine just as long to in the UK..with Plusnet..ADSL sucks and so does Plusnet..need a better IP.. currently updating now on PS4. 😴

      • Ryanair

        You need virgin media I’m downloading the update now and from start to finish it’s 10 minutes

  • NgTurbo

    Hi guys, the 1.02 update is now rolling out on PS4! A DICE developer posted a link to the patch notes above, but for now it may say ‘no permission’. I guess they are still working on the notes.. hopefully they will be up any minute.

  • GoldenBaller

    Update is currently downloading