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Full Name: Daniel Chubb Daniel is the CEO of Dansway Communications LTD and founder of product-reviews.net; a top blog dedicated to breaking tech news, hands-on reviews and delivers real solutions to everyday consumer electronics hang-ups. The site serves over 2 million monthly unique readers and has 5 full time writers. It also has a number of guest contributors and has produced millions of dollars in revenue through its advertising. Daniel now spends his time keeping an eye on the latest technology and business trends. Also developing other blogs/news sites in the entertainment and business industries.

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Posted by on 19 March

McLaren MP4-12C unveiling

Back in September 2009 we reported on the new McLaren super-car. Well at the unveiling party of McLaren Automotive a new sports car company, the covers were also lifted of...
0 19 March, 2010 Automotive more
Posted by on 18 March

New Front Wheel Drive BMW’s

Ever since the dawn of time BMW has made its models rear-wheel-drive for that Ultimate Driving experience. Yes its true there has been all-wheel-drive, but even these only ever put...
0 18 March, 2010 Automotive more