iPod touch 7th-gen release clues point to 2017 10th Anniversary

By Peter Chubb - Aug 6, 2016

You might wonder what we are talking about when we say that the iPod touch 7th-gen release clues point to the device not being released this year, but rather next year, especially as there have not really been too many rumours in regard to the sixth generation model.

The thing is, it is these lack of rumours that actually make us believe that the iPod touch 7G will actually be released as the 2017 10th Anniversary model. It’s not a complete stretch of the imagination considering the fact that there have been a number of reports to suggest that the iPhone 7 will be a lacklustre update, and that Apple will skip next years S model and release the iPhone 8 as the Tenth Anniversary model as well.

iPod Touch 7th generation release

It was always doubtful that we would see a new iPod touch this year, especially as the current model was released back in July 2015, and we know the release cycle is not every year. We do know that the 5th-gen to 6th-gen had a three-year gap, but with 2017 being such a special year for Apple, we feel that they will make a few exceptions.

The very first iPhone was released on June 29, 2007, and the first generation iPod touch on September 5, 2007, and so next year marks their 10th anniversary. Most of the rumours in regards to the iPhone do point to an Anniversary model being released next year, and so we can only assume the iPod touch will be given the same treatment.

Even though there are nonexistent release clues for iPod touch 7G, do you take this as a sign that Apple will release the model in 2017?

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iPod touch 7th-gen release clues point to 2017

  • Lufalupi

    Anyone know for sure when it comes out. I don’t wanna buy the 6th and have the 7th come out in July.

    • AwesomeKnight

      same here i want to buy a new one but want to bu the 6th and then 7th ends up coming out weeks/month later

  • chingu

    i really hope so. crossing my fingers for the 7th gen next year.

    • Benjamin

      Same, Well for me this year…

    • riley busse

      There won’t be one

  • wut

    i need a 7gen i want an ipod that’s aphone

    • billy

      thats an iphone idiot. you can install whatsapp tho

  • Lulu

    I hope it doesn’t come out in 2017, and comes out just before Christmas!

  • Jason Allen

    Not much of a demand for them since your phone will do everything an iPod will do.
    They need to do something so it will stand apart from a phone in a big way.

    • bobo111111

      The consumer for this product are people lacking a phone. People that do not need/want to pay for a phone contract, or simply kids, are who this is targeting. The problem is simply that parent’s are handing down their phones now, so most kids have them. Think about it this way:
      In 2013 it was:
      I can buy my kid a phone
      buy an ipod touch

      and now it is:
      I can hand down my phone
      buy an ipod touch

      So there isn’t much incentive to buy it.

      • TheByteSmasher

        Late, I know, but I disagree. I have an Android phone and an iPod. I listen to my iPod all the time without worrying I’ll kill my phone’s battery. My old iPod lives in my truck, connected to my radio. I’d love a new iPod simply for the speed increase and iOS10. I currently have a 5G touch.

        • Megan Houston

          Same here!! Except mines a 4th generation… I too have an android phone but an Apple Ipod Touch that I always play in my car, but it’s seriously dated and I can’t add newer apps because they want a newer IOS but it won’t let me update my IOS… It’s slowly crapping out. I really hope this July-Sept. possible release date range I’ve read about a few places, is true!

  • Justin

    I’d like to have the ability to use the apple maps outside of my home. You need internet to use it on the ipod, so add some gps functionality to the new one would be good. Doesn’t need anything too fancy, bump in processing and graphics etc as per norm. I’d also like to see their upcoming ios 10 have a smart feature built in so when you are away from internet your typical siri function switches automatically to allow you to control your apps. Like play music etc. I think it’s size is still great, physically, but yes I’d like to see a bump in the base storage size to be 32gb. Maybe a batter price than they are currently listed.

  • Kay74

    i’d love a bigger screen 32gb base model ipod touch 7g. That would do it for me to have the cheapest access to a new IOS device

    • Kay74

      That’s just why that’s not likely to happen: Apple wants people to have to buy their (dear) phones.