Snapchat down with failed to send

By Alan Ng - Sep 18, 2015

Many users have opened their Snapchat app to find it down with a failed to send error that is causing serious sending problems late on September 17 evening. It’s not clear why snaps won’t send, or why the messages and chat issues have taken place for so long.

Judging by the early feedback that we have seen on social media, this looks like it could be an issue affecting every single Snapchat user at the moment.

Take a look at some of the responses for yourself below to see evidence of this, so we’re assuming that the Snapchat team are already working on seeing why Snapchat is not working today as it should.


Many users are pointing out things like ‘Snapchat won’t let me send message’, or in some cases, ‘Snapchat won’t let me text, but will let me send Snaps’.

These are some of the common symptoms that we can see happening right now to many users within the hour.

Are you getting the constant message of ‘Can’t send message on Snapchat’ on your device right now in your area? Let us know your status at the moment and whether Snapchat texts keep failing or not to determine how serious this is.

We’ll let you know once we have an official update. The problems continue to hit thousands and there’s still no official response in regard to the Snapchat failed to send problem.


Update 2: It looks like the issue has been resolved after lasting a couple of hours. The official Twitter explained “some Snapchatters are experiencing issues” and that a fix was being worked on. If you still have issues with sending snaps, then leave a comment.

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  • Mads

    I can’t send chats at the moment.. the problem is back i guess

  • Latrenda

    The person I am trying to send messages to are failing to send. They appear on my friend list but I can only see their stories.

  • Alex

    It says failed to send

  • Alex

    I am have problems with send snaps to when trying to send then privately but sending on the story it sends fine can you please fix this

  • Dammy

    I can’t send messages or snaps… It keeps saying chat not sent

  • Dammy

    Having problems also

  • Gonhiry Reyes

    I’m still having a problem, I can’t send a message. Please help.

  • Nichole

    I’m still having problems . My videos will not post to my story, my private snaps will not send to friends. I get an error message that says “failed”. When I open my snapchat it says “can not connect to server”

  • Sulley O’Neil

    I’m getting an issue that I can’t send snaps not receive them. I have great wifi connection because all my other social media works I’ve tried to delete it and everything

  • DeAndrea A.

    I’ve been able to send photos but I’ve only been able to send texts sometimes within the past 2 months

  • Chaz Tarrant

    I am getting this issue my messages are failing

  • Jake Dickens

    Its not sending for me

  • Billy

    I think they are sending again, for me anyways.

  • Carl

    Snapchat failed to send message won’t go away for me.

  • Charlie

    snapchat wont let me delete some post.

  • Bob

    snapchat will send pictures but won’t send chats.

  • Robbie

    Snapchat won’t let me send messages and their servers have been down for at least an hour now.

  • Dan

    My snapchat messages are not sending Sept 18, early hours in UK.

  • Ben

    Keep getting snapchat failed to send.