FIFA 16 release date for iOS, Android download

By Alan Ng - Sep 22, 2015

Most of you know when FIFA 16 is out for console and PC, but we know that at the same time many are looking for the FIFA 16 release date for iOS and Android download.

EA hasn’t actually said too much about the EA Sports FIFA app this year and actually we can already see that it is live in Canada early as a test – the same pattern appears to have happened compared to last year’s test in Canada.

For everyone else though, it’s a mystery. We are assuming as nothing has been said, that FIFA 16 for iOS and Android will be out on September 22 – the same date as when console versions launch.


Given that Canada already has the app though, EA may decide to roll out FIFA 16 for iOS and Android in specific regions first next week.

Either way, you can still check out how the game looks thanks to some FIFA 16 iOS and Android gameplay. Compared to last year, the game is looking pretty amazing in terms of visuals and don’t forget that this is the experience which you are going to be seeing on your little display compared to the big screen.

Let us know if you are also patiently waiting for news on FIFA 16 for Android and iOS news from EA. Evidence of the early Canada launch can be seen here. Watch the gameplay below and let us know if you will be downloading this year’s game.

Update: EA has finally confirmed that the FIFA 16 iOS and Android release time will be happening on September 22, as we expected. We know that many of you are asking what time is FIFA 16 out on iOS and Android in different region time zones, but just keep an eye out on store updates as EA hasn’t stated a specific time yet.

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