Destiny Xur arrives selling No Land Beyond in Sept

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 11, 2015

The new Destiny Xur location arrives today and in fact, the Agent of the Nine has an arrival time within the next hour. As always, it’s Friday at 10AM BST and 2AM PST when gamers get to see the new exotic weapon along with other items on sale, so what would you like to see this week? Product Reviews will list the full Xur inventory for September 11 right here on this page, although if you want to spot where Xur is today very quickly then we recommend our map page.

Where is Xur in Destiny on Sept 11? As we mentioned above, take a look at our location map page to see a red spot detailing the agents place within the Destiny tower map or the Reef. If you want something a little more detailed, then you can look below this article to see a video walking you to his new location along with a full breakdown of items being sold today.

Over the past few weeks and especially in 2015, we have seen Xur selling a range of weapons that weren’t what thousands of players wanted. The Gjallarhorn was one such Exotic weapon that led a lot of players to believe this wasn’t in the inventory lottery, but the rumors were debunked when Xur finally sold the Gjallarhorn a few weeks back.

Destiny Xur location today lands within an hour

The latest weapon desired is the Ice Breaker by thousands. We would love to know what you want in terms of rocket launchers, snipers, and other types today from Xur, so leave a comment below.

Update with Xur location Sept 11: You will find the agent across from the Crucible Quartermaster in the Tower. The items on sale are seen within the video below, which includes the No Land Beyond Sniper.

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  • brian

    Ice breacker plzz god plz bungie plzz destiny plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Andy Thomas

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  • Sam

    I missed the Gjallarhorn, what’s the chances of Xur selling it again today? 31 minutes and we will know.

    • TonyT

      Keep dreaming, we won’t see that exotic for weeks and maybe even months.

    • Jamie

      If it meant that much to you to have the the gjallarhorn you really should have been checking every week, it doesnt take much effort to check you dont even have to play the game, keep checking because if xur’s inventory is completely random as some suspect then he could sell it again soon, or not.

  • Scott

    I agree, it’s time for Icebreaker people.