All The Witcher 3 romance scenes

By Daniel Chubb - May 27, 2015

The Witcher 3 has plenty of romance scenes and a vast world to explore. With such a massive landscape you might wonder how many sex and romance scenes there is in The Witcher 3? This is why we want to list some videos revealing what is likely not every single one of these, so share anything missing in the comments to allow others to locate all The Witcher 3 romance scenes.

You will have many opportunities to create some romance in The Witcher 3, as teased by CD Projekt RED before the game even launched. Not all of these sexual encounters will be what gamers want to see, in fact some are pretty lame and boring, although this adds to the realism.


Here are all The Witcher 3 romance scenes we have found videos on to date. Have a watch below this article, but don’t forget to offer a comment on your experience at these locations and of course anything else you’ve found. Also, remember some of the videos contain images inappropriate for some users.

A summary of what you can watch below: First up we have the Madam Sasha High Stakes romance scene, then Geralt being a Womanizer in a threesome scene with triss and yennefer, Priscilla The Ministrels Song, Yennefer’s scene at Kaer Morhen, and a video showcasing all the Brothel scenes.

Others include Jutta’s wild scene, another with Kiera Metz, and finally Triss Merigold on a boat. As you can see, this game is pretty impressive and allows players to explore both the massive virtual world and romances.

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